4-4-Two Podcast | Ep 5 | Guardiola Hates FPL Players

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Back by popular demand of 7 people!
#44Two, returns after the international break. In this episode, Azeem finally gets a prediction right, Neville rants more about Zouma, and we collectively find it hard to believe in a world where Jesse Lingard has an 82 rating on FIFA 20.
Venue: Azeem's House
Sound: Azeem
Video: Neville
Logo: Reva Sarna
We apologize for minor glitching in video. We tried our best!
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  • Beginning of Neville's laugh sounds like Iron Man charging his hand's attack. inworlds.info/plus/0LnMyWenfGi-x50/v-iy

    Vaibhav BhaleraoVaibhav Bhalerao2 महीने पहले
  • City did very well: 8 - 0

    Nikhil CSBNikhil CSB11 महीने पहले
  • 43:00 Azeem: I think Watford are going to give City a tough game.. That's aged well xP

    Saurabh ShankarSaurabh Shankarसाल पहले
  • My name is also azeem😘😍😍

  • Hey YOU'VE READ DUNE !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anubhab SahaAnubhab Sahaसाल पहले

    Joel EdwardsJoel Edwardsसाल पहले
  • Talk about Liverpool. Best football club in the world.

    TrenchcoatMafiaTrenchcoatMafiaसाल पहले
  • Amazing guys, keep up the good work

    Uchiha ItachiUchiha Itachiसाल पहले
  • Rant on Ashley young PLEASE

    khushal deykhushal deyसाल पहले
  • I just found this podcast, you guys rock, great content for sports!!

    Ritshi KanjilalRitshi Kanjilalसाल पहले
  • Same for me with nadal

    Suyash BhandareSuyash Bhandareसाल पहले
  • Yaar, what's your recording setup like? Sound cards etc

    tjisvirtualtjisvirtualसाल पहले
  • love this, please dont stop.

    Kritin AgarwalKritin Agarwalसाल पहले
  • Jimmy Bullard SoccerAM pe ata hai idhar TV pe

    Abhigyan KharghariaAbhigyan Kharghariaसाल पहले
  • Loving it Please have guest/celebrity analysts/speakers on the show every week Adds to the fun (Whether or not they are from the Stand-up fraternity) #KeepThemComing

    Abhigyan KharghariaAbhigyan Kharghariaसाल पहले
  • 43:00 😂😂

    Sameer KulkarniSameer Kulkarniसाल पहले
  • Liverpool ka baat karo na chutiyo

    Devesh GargDevesh Gargसाल पहले
  • Create FPL private league

    Nikk HzNikk Hzसाल पहले
  • Do a footballer expressions skit

    Rishab SachdevaRishab Sachdevaसाल पहले
  • A bit of reading on the internet regarding the product will help your ignorance. But of course, reading is not for everyone.

    kushal banerjeekushal banerjeeसाल पहले
  • Watford did give the game to city. If you know what I mean

    Aryan DaliAryan Daliसाल पहले
  • Good show guys.

    S GS Gसाल पहले
  • 36:50 Azeem : Van Dijk ka off day eventually aane wala hai , van dijk gave a goal against napoli🤐☠🤯

    Junaid ShaikhJunaid Shaikhसाल पहले
  • 0:59 Ek kaam karo, next time 0442 hrs pe shoot karo video. :P

    Rohit MandyamRohit Mandyamसाल पहले
  • Yup in asia cup we had to win or draw against behrain but we lost that match because of being to defensive. 👍

    Shubham sharmaShubham sharmaसाल पहले
  • Andone gaya Galataserey

    S & S PatelS & S Patelसाल पहले
  • MSI GS65 Stealth. Great laptop but terrible thermals and the fold hinge is going to bite you in the ass some months down the line. Good luck with that!

    kushal banerjeekushal banerjeeसाल पहले
    • @kushal banerjee I am absolutely a gamer and have pushed this laptop to its limit with zero throttling. Stop trying to win arguments that you can't. Take a deep breath, acknowledge that you can't always be right, and being right or wrong with strangers on the internet has no bearing on your life :)

      Azeem BanatwallaAzeem Banatwallaसाल पहले
    • @Azeem Banatwalla Granted that if you aren't a gamer, thermals won't be that of an issue. It's by far the best looking/sleekest gaming laptop though. High quality video rendering heats up the laptop a lot. But yes, varies from user to user.

      kushal banerjeekushal banerjeeसाल पहले
    • Thermals are amazing and I've had it 18 months no issues :)

      Azeem BanatwallaAzeem Banatwallaसाल पहले
  • why dont u guys talk about Tottenham ? 4 -0 CRY PLA (who defeated man u) Son 2 goals

    Naman JainNaman Jainसाल पहले
  • Lundstram Sheffield ka hai...!!

    ishan mahajanishan mahajanसाल पहले
    • Yes yes we know. Same jersey wala problem. Refer start of episode :P

      Azeem BanatwallaAzeem Banatwallaसाल पहले
  • Real Madrid is the Spanish version of Manchester United

    Albin Joseph RoyAlbin Joseph Royसाल पहले
  • Haha, Salah-Mane-Kun

    Clavian S.Clavian S.साल पहले
  • Liverpool jeetegi

    Aditya RawatAditya Rawatसाल पहले
  • bro qatar and india drew 0-0

    Chaitanya AroraChaitanya Aroraसाल पहले
  • Bro tu Champions League ko cover nahi kiya toh Zouma bhai khud tere ghar aake hagega

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  • Salah mane-kum 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • Make a fpl league for the viewers already

    Harsh BillimoriaHarsh Billimoriaसाल पहले
  • Good work

    kushal gawdekushal gawdeसाल पहले
  • The calendar doesn't circle, Abu Dhabi has been the last race since 2014🙄

    Raumil BhattiRaumil Bhattiसाल पहले
  • And then chelsea sold nathan ake and brought zouma back.

    ajayakabecksajayakabecksसाल पहले
  • Finally 4 4 2 ke acche din agaye nice to see

    Abhilash pangareAbhilash pangareसाल पहले
  • Fantasy Epl team share karo bhai log

    saurabh kamblesaurabh kambleसाल पहले
  • What's your take on the real Madrid crisis

    Sahil AgarwalSahil Agarwalसाल पहले
  • 32:55 Neville, Andone is on loan at Galatasaray. Sirf bol Raha hu ✌🏻

    Carlson GonsalvesCarlson Gonsalvesसाल पहले
  • Dude this is awesome. I have started playing FPL after watching your show.

    Meet ParikhMeet Parikhसाल पहले
  • Great video bhai amazing work keep it up Best jugar in the world don't waste money, do the show in your house

    Aayush GangulyAayush Gangulyसाल पहले
  • How did Neville watch Serie A on star sports? It is telecasted on Sony network, Sony Ten 2

    Sufiyan QuraishiSufiyan Quraishiसाल पहले
    • Top 10 questions science can't answer

      Jayant BakshiJayant Bakshiसाल पहले
  • 51 lol bye

    Dhanush KumarDhanush Kumarसाल पहले
  • Chelsea lost to velancia 😂

    AviralAviralसाल पहले
  • 37:28 shoulder drop azeem bandra ka messi

    AviralAviralसाल पहले
  • Normally the crowd is vociferous at the Stadio Artemio Frianchi. But it really was a boring game 😦😦😦

    Carlson GonsalvesCarlson Gonsalvesसाल पहले
  • Aare Mast Jaga Hay 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

    Carlson GonsalvesCarlson Gonsalvesसाल पहले
  • 18:39 Vestegaard, not a waste-e-kharaab. XD

    Rohit MandyamRohit Mandyamसाल पहले
  • 15:28 Yeah, that's why people only watch Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga. The atmosphere in Bundesliga is crazy.

    Rohit MandyamRohit Mandyamसाल पहले
  • Yeh pep guardiola issue mere saath bhi huaaa 🥺🥺😢, FPL league code bathao na

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  • Nice episode

    Daniel D'CruzDaniel D'Cruzसाल पहले
  • Guys don’t bother with cricket 😂😂😂

    Vishwanathan RavishankarVishwanathan Ravishankarसाल पहले
  • We need more!

    Utkarsh AvtarUtkarsh Avtarसाल पहले
  • love the show!!!

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  • Does azeem has a msi gs75!!!!! Rich son of a bitch!!!!

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  • y'all should make an fpl league w you guys and all of us

    Sahir SinghSahir Singhसाल पहले
    • fpl code de please

      Sanket PatilSanket Patil5 महीने पहले
  • 14:46 football fans

    Utsav Mitra G 059Utsav Mitra G 059साल पहले
  • Whenever I buy Aguero Pep plays Jesus, when whenever I have Bernardo in the team David Silva scores/assist 😑😑

    George CostanzaGeorge Costanzaसाल पहले
  • Finally a podcast series for sports lovers 👌😍

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  • Make an FPL league please

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  • You guys should include one thing in description..from where you start talking cricket so that we cricket fans can head straight to there No offence to football fans but I just don't watch it😅

    Vatsal PurohitVatsal Purohitसाल पहले
    • @tejas shetty I know but never liked it😆

      Vatsal PurohitVatsal Purohitसाल पहले
    • missing out something big in life...😂😂😂🤣

      tejas shettytejas shettyसाल पहले
  • Talk on injustice in POK

    rakshit thapliyalrakshit thapliyalसाल पहले
  • Nice TP

    rakshit thapliyalrakshit thapliyalसाल पहले
  • Aur mujhe Ozil ke baare main kuch bolna hai, yeh msg BC Arsenal tak poochao - “Ozil naa middle class ghar main jhumar ki tarah hai. Woh kitna bhi aacha dekhe, woh jaalta sirf Diwali main hi hai”. Ozil bhi saal main ek hi match khelega. Arsenal defence can’t afford Ozil, please someone forward this fact to Unai Emery !

    Aby's AngleAby's Angleसाल पहले
  • 5:00 azeem bro, the match was nil nil, not two all.

    Sanjeet KhuranaSanjeet Khuranaसाल पहले
  • Being an Arsenal fan, I go have the same emotions as Neville has for Zouma expect the fact ki mujhe BC pure defence ka pair thodna hai. BC woh David Luiz ko kya agent banake bheja hai Arsenal main Lampard ne. Woh har match main penalty dete ghum raha hai. Usne woh Pereyra ko 30 yards se D main aane diya. Phir check ki D wali line aayi, ab main tackle daal sakta hu. Chutiya BC. Usko wapas lelo BC. Free main leke jao.

    Aby's AngleAby's Angleसाल पहले
    • That's what you get for giving united Alexis Sanchez! 😂

      Abhishek BhattacharyaAbhishek Bhattacharyaसाल पहले
    • I thank you for taking our secret agent #2 David Luiz after Cech.. 🙌🙌

      Nishil BrightNishil Brightसाल पहले
  • The points system is Matches in series (2) - Win/Tie/Draw - 60/30/20 Matches in series (3) - Win/Tie/Draw - 40/20/13 Matches in series (4) - Win/Tie/Draw - 30/15/10 Matches in series (5) - Win/Tie/Draw - 24/12/8

    Adi TheReaperAdi TheReaperसाल पहले
    • @Shubhodip Ghosh No points deducted on losing a match. Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019%E2%80%9321_ICC_World_Test_Championship

      Avijeet AcharyaAvijeet Acharyaसाल पहले
    • @Adi TheReaper You didn't mention the deduction of points if and when a team loses

      Shubhodip GhoshShubhodip Ghoshसाल पहले
    • Like Neville and Azeem care about this comment. Agle podcast mein phir same bolenge :P

      Niroop BhatNiroop Bhatसाल पहले
  • 4 log saamne hasne ke liye rkah lete. Kaam wali bai.dud wale bhaiya.security guard aur sabzi wala.ho gaye 4. Thoda standup wala scene ata..lekin problem ek hi hai..Woh 4 log TUM JITNE VELLE NAHI HAI.🤯😂

    Cartoonist VikrantCartoonist Vikrantसाल पहले
  • Constant comment asking you to never stop guys 💙

    Aayush BermolaAayush Bermolaसाल पहले
  • Please continue this for the whole pl season 🙈 Also I am pretty sure mist of the people watching are just interested in football so why not start with that so we can channel out after watching our part 😂 Or time-stamps are a great option tooooo

  • Pukki is a finish word which means goat

    fame Starfame Starसाल पहले
  • Get angry rantman here

    Rahul DubeyRahul Dubeyसाल पहले
  • Neville's rant on Zouma can be a whole new standup special

    Varad KarpeVarad Karpeसाल पहले
    • Usko koi bolo ki Andone gaya Galatasaray, injured nahi hai

      anish pradeepanish pradeepसाल पहले
    • 😂 😂 😂 😂 Angry Rantman ko lao isme

      Nishil BrightNishil Brightसाल पहले
    • I think neville is actually angry rantman came from future

      AviralAviralसाल पहले
  • Please talk about la liga also

    Yash KondekarYash Kondekarसाल पहले
  • Nothing is going good... Dhoni ko team main nhi le rha.... Federer final/sf tak jake har rha... Real to khatam hi ho gya... 😢😭... Sala koi sports main koi nhi chal rha 😢😟😔

    Abhishek MohapatraAbhishek Mohapatraसाल पहले
  • Nai azeem...You got 2 predictions right....Serena also lost bro

    Reeta MahetaReeta Mahetaसाल पहले
  • You don't know how happy I was when Sokratis was sold to Arsenal. Abhi hagdeya kaam kar raha hai Arsenal main ache se

    Abhishekh RaiAbhishekh Raiसाल पहले
  • Hey Azeem, being a United fan, can you please talk about the Glazers ownership and how they are destroying our club?

    Tanveer Singh KapoorTanveer Singh Kapoorसाल पहले
  • World Test Championship isn't random. It's a 2 year cycle, with each team allowed to pick 6 teams to play in 3 home and 3 away series. each series is worth 120 points. What's so difficult to understand?

    Sukhbir SinghSukhbir Singhसाल पहले
  • I watch this podcast just to showoff in front of my friends about Football

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  • Plzz talk abt barca.. Ansu fati

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  • 1st episode khaaa pr hai

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  • cringelords are back

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  • Make an FPL league for the viewers please

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    • @pruthvi mehta bhai tu yaha aaya kaise 😂😂😂

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  • Real Madrid lost 3-0 against Psg with di Maria's brace....so do roast RMA plz..will be waiting for your reactions 😂

    Anshuman KumarAnshuman Kumarसाल पहले
    • Gandu.. Chup kr...barka fans

      Koushik SahooKoushik Sahooसाल पहले
  • thoda La Liga ka bhi baat kr liya kro bhai....

    Aman KumarAman Kumarसाल पहले
  • jesse lingard ko 82 😂😂

    Aman KumarAman Kumarसाल पहले
  • AGUEROOOOOOOOOO lost. xD 17:28

    Shoham BrojobasiShoham Brojobasiसाल पहले
  • Fun fact, Michael's son Mick is in Prema racing in f2

    Priyanshu JainPriyanshu Jainसाल पहले
  • Also, Zouma came on because Rudiger was struggling

    Shreyas TripathyShreyas Tripathyसाल पहले
  • love this.... please keep posting these videos

    Aman KumarAman Kumarसाल पहले
  • Keep on continuing this please. we want This after every week !

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  • Bhai sarri manager hai Juve ka ... So game toh slow hoga hi 😂😂

    prateek priyaranjan Pradhanprateek priyaranjan Pradhanसाल पहले
  • Cricket ke jab rules nahi pata to kyun bolte hain, atleast padh ke Aaya karo before vomiting out shit

  • Bro Barkley missed a penalty in champions league, the Pogba virus has spread

    Gokul AGokul Aसाल पहले
    • Messi to Griezmann to Pogba to Rashford to Barkley 😂

      abhishek nairabhishek nairसाल पहले
  • Guys, Sarri is the manager of Juventus. What else could you expect? :P

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