EIC: Childish Behaviour Trailer - Sahil Shah

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Sahil Shah's first ever stand up special 'Childish Behaviour' releases on 29th June!!!
Childish Behaviour is a look at Sahil Shah’s immature life, the silliness and pointlessness of things around him and his innate ability of making stupid faces and silly sounds to make anyone laugh.
Stream the full show exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on 29th June!!!

  • Sahil had to make a full stand up special to tell how childish he is, it's like Saurabh is making a special about his baldness. Sahil always knew you were childish. BTW big fan love you.

    Thunder birdThunder bird8 महीने पहले
  • Why does he keep repeating the same jokes everytime. Like he visited NMAM Institute Technology this year and later he visited NITK . He came up with the same topics of joke in both the colleges and those jokes are too found in this video and that too it was just a clip. I wonder how many are repeated in original video .

    Sukshith ShettySukshith Shetty2 साल पहले
  • i got to see the trailer before the trailer as an ad 🙂

    Aakarshika SinghAakarshika Singh2 साल पहले
  • unbearable after just the intro

    Raghav RavichandarRaghav Ravichandar2 साल पहले
  • Indian liberals ke bus ki comedy nahi hai, yeh buss chootiyapanti hi kar sakte hain. Kya bakwaas hai.

    Kite FlierKite Flier2 साल पहले
  • I cant find it

    UditUdit2 साल पहले
  • Your sense of humour+ Childish behavior+ way u speak+expressions +all those facts which i do notice 😍😍😍....... Make u just out of d world....... Splendid man😍😍😍

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  • EIC outrage ko kya hua Bhai....band karwa diya kya...

    h kashyaph kashyap2 साल पहले
  • Thank you for laughing at that. Now that's childish

  • My birthday is on 29th june.. No one wished me.. but this video released.. Ty sahil you are the best... (I posted this on 28th June coz mujhe pata hai koi call karne wala nahin hai) (mmmmm sad sad cri cri senti sad)

    Mahesh AMahesh A2 साल पहले
  • Love it

    kare Divijakare Divija2 साल पहले
  • Kuch nahi ata isee. INworlds ka salman khan

    chinmay rchinmay r2 साल पहले
  • Ok here is the list of best comedians so far- 1)Kanan Gill 2)Biswa KR 3)Apoorva gupta 4)Zakir khan 5)Azeem Banatwala(though he failed miserably in australia) 6)Atul Khatri 7)Abhishek Upmanyu 8)Neeti Palta 9)Vipul Goyal 10)Varun Thakur Rest all are not funny. Just accept it. They might align with your left or right wing agenda but that’s it. They are not fucking funny and they don’t deserve their own specials.

    N AvN Av2 साल पहले
  • Slap GST on his shit...

    Än:Dy TäcHóÄn:Dy TäcHó2 साल पहले
  • When is it releasing in EIC?

    Sayantani SahaSayantani Saha2 साल पहले
  • Looks like you have worked very hard !! Awesome !! And All the Best for Future!!

    Rushab RanawatRushab Ranawat2 साल पहले
  • Can someone tell me where do you get THAT BOWTIE !!!

    Akif AsifAkif Asif2 साल पहले
  • My favourite stand up comedian

    Abhishek RawatAbhishek Rawat2 साल पहले
  • People those who comments that it’s bad or not worth to them , Don’t judge a standup just by a trailer.

    Amul JoshiAmul Joshi2 साल पहले
  • Can't wait for this video 😂😂❤❤

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  • Woah that's a long ad

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  • Sahil paagal ho gaya hai😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Pakau.

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  • Awesome...Sahil Shah...... inworlds.info/plus/2a27zJOpi4KZwJ0/v-iy

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  • Is there a way to see this video (when it's out) in Canada?

    Clinton RodriguesClinton Rodrigues2 साल पहले
  • Yes ..you realy are famous comedian

    Birendra PradhanBirendra Pradhan2 साल पहले
  • Hate it when the whole videos are not uplaoded on youtube anymore and u have buy some bullshit amazon prime membership.

    MeenalMeenal2 साल पहले
    • Anindita Das yeah that's true

      MeenalMeenal2 साल पहले
    • They need to earn too, don't you think?

      Anindita DasAnindita Das2 साल पहले
    • Mollen mist yeah! It's so annoying. INworlds has a larger audience but these people just don't understand out of greed of earning extra money.

      Suditi DesaiSuditi Desai2 साल पहले
  • Lol my right hand used to fake headaches.....and then that shy smile!!

    MeenalMeenal2 साल पहले
  • Love you Sahil You are the best comedian 😍😘😗 Eagerly waiting for this one 😄 I specially installed Amazon Prime for this 😍😂

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  • Last line was the best.

    Dheeraj RijhwaniDheeraj Rijhwani2 साल पहले
  • Eic outrage ke sirf 6 episodes?

    Prashant GaikwadPrashant Gaikwad2 साल पहले
  • Bhai waiting for this

    Sayan Roy ChowdhurySayan Roy Chowdhury2 साल पहले

  • Sahil is best comedian ;)

    Saloni WakodeSaloni Wakode2 साल पहले
  • Missed you EiC 😫😫

    Akankshya BhattacharyaaAkankshya Bhattacharyaa2 साल पहले
  • Waiting too. Return of bulla's

    Neha DharmeNeha Dharme2 साल पहले
  • I knw this comment wont matter But i love ur contain and it is getting better n better ! Keep it up

    Vivek NathVivek Nath2 साल पहले
  • And he is awsome!!!

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  • Wait a second! This will air on amazon prime and not on INworlds 😢😢😢

    Suditi DesaiSuditi Desai2 साल पहले
    • Mai apka dard samjh sakta hu

      Mantu PrasadMantu Prasad2 साल पहले
  • Hence proved : Angad is still a better comedian than many out there 😁

    PeeyushPeeyush2 साल पहले
  • Awwwww!! 😍Sahil Shah!!

    Ramya PRamya P2 साल पहले
  • Awesome man....die hard fan of u...

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  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Ur just awsm Sahil luvvv u loads 😘😍😍 happy to see u back after a long time

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  • Excited🔥

    Leena DulaniLeena Dulani2 साल पहले
  • U r Childish Gambino

    ChaitanyaChaitanya2 साल पहले
  • I'm waiting for Sorabh pant's special. He's recorded it on 2nd June for Amazon prime . And I like this one.

    Dhruv TrivediDhruv Trivedi2 साल पहले
  • He is really childish and not so funny

    Mubina SayedMubina Sayed2 साल पहले
    • Anuj Jain hahaa XD

      Nusrat RizviNusrat Rizvi2 साल पहले
    • Mubina Sayed don’t write a comment dumb lady if you don’t know how to disable notifications.

      Anuj JainAnuj Jain2 साल पहले
    • ja se dude stop you will kill Ben Ten by roasting him.

      Anuj JainAnuj Jain2 साल पहले
    • Didn't know you had qualms over other people exercising their rights to discuss and debate but sure :)

      Jaskaran SJaskaran S2 साल पहले
    • ja se Is fighting with a random stranger over the comment of a third person and absolutely making no points, your hobby ?

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  • Eagerly waiting for this one...

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  • Wo Sab to Thik hai but what about pitchers 2... Wait... Oops wrong channel.

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  • The *" Don't trust a fart when you have a diarrhea "* joke is so overused and Old. But again I can't expect very creative jokes from mediocre comedians.

    TheMiscreantTheMiscreant2 साल पहले
    • Not hating on sahil though

      TheMiscreantTheMiscreant2 साल पहले
  • I was literally missing u n ur videos !! Seems like awesome content ...😍

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  • I am waiting k when the entire show would come on youtube

    Sree Lalitha AppallaSree Lalitha Appalla2 साल पहले
    • Sree Lalitha Appalla it won't. It will only stream on amazon prime

      Suditi DesaiSuditi Desai2 साल पहले
  • Love Love♥️

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  • Sahi Hai Boss..... 4 Days To Go 😍

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  • Waiting...😊

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  • I can't wait for the whole thing ahh

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  • 👏👏👏

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  • He no doubt is one of the best comedians... Was waiting for this so long, finally its going to be out.. 💛

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  • "Never trust a fart when u have diarrhoea "🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

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  • Can’t wait to see the whole thing

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  • From the early evening show, i am the nano sim😂

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  • This looks like absolute shit!!!! And I love it 😂

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  • Eagerly waiting for first video Sahil shah! Please keep updated...!

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  • Man it's so difficult to be the first viewer in an EIC video. The video just gets 1.2K views before it even completes 2 minutes 😅

    Vidya SinghVidya Singh2 साल पहले
    • RB FingerMagic I know but still someone gets to be the first viewer right and it is never me

      Vidya SinghVidya Singh2 साल पहले
    • Vidya Singh cause they have 1+mil subs, duh

      Roger barretoRoger barreto2 साल पहले
  • Awesome Trailer!!

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  • He is the best💘💘💘💘

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  • For those who don't know I m.. 😳😋😋😋😋😋 Thank u for liking the comment

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  • Here because of sahil's insta story!

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  • Man oh man! Sahil is back! Go Bulla go!! 😂

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  • Never been more excited 😂😂😍😍

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  • How does this videos get 67 likes and 1 dislike with just 20 views...!?😞

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  • I can't wait 😭😭😭

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  • Sahil shah is my favorite comedian

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  • Ab toh Sahil shah bhi hassa raha hai... Yehi hai Achhe din.

    Dinesh SinghDinesh Singh2 साल पहले

      Sahil ShahSahil Shah2 साल पहले
  • 21 views 126 likes!!!!!!!!

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  • Why 29 June ??😢😢😢 I wanna watch it now!!

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  • Can't wait to watch sahil !!

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  • Sahil shah rocks 🤟🏻

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  • Finally !!! Yayyy ! Hit like if you have been to childish behaviour in your city :D

    Sai Hemanth AitharajuSai Hemanth Aitharaju2 साल पहले
    • Manas Gangwani I died of laughing .. you will enjoy if you watch it with immature mind :) #babladhamaka

      Sai Hemanth AitharajuSai Hemanth Aitharaju2 साल पहले
    • Hemanth Aitharaju how was the show

      Manas GangwaniManas Gangwani2 साल पहले
  • Damn!!! That is looking really funny!! Really looking forward to this show mahn!

    HersheyyyHersheyyy2 साल पहले
  • Finally

    Rishabh TripathiRishabh Tripathi2 साल पहले
  • Bekar bakwaas🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

    Suraj KumarSuraj Kumar2 साल पहले
    • Suraj Kumar jst a guy trying to get attention

      Ibrahim BhatIbrahim Bhat2 साल पहले
    • Sahil Shah u are my favorite among all EIC comics :D

      Roger barretoRoger barreto2 साल पहले
    • Suraj Kumar Fategi kyu bhai? Sach sach bolu toh jali. mtlb jealousy wala 'jali. ki koi normal insaan, mere jaisa aam aadmi jo ghar pe baith ke internet chala raha hai, wo itna zabardast ctiticism kaise kr skta hai. Mtlb naman tujhe aye maatrabhumi ke sher.... 🙏🙏🙏 SHABBAASSHHHH

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    • Suraj Kumar But enough about yourself.

      Sahil ShahSahil Shah2 साल पहले
    • EIC rockxxxx

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  • Waiting for it

    Ojas BatraOjas Batra2 साल पहले
  • right💓💓😂

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  • Sahil is the best...... Love him

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