EIC Outrage: Salute to Neelam Katara

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Neelam Katara's spent 14 years getting her murdered son justice.
We salute her; and mention Viveik Oberoi - for some reason.
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  • We need these EIC outrages back

    Hamza JamalHamza Jamal10 महीने पहले
  • Because katra family has money and public attention and IAS background ...But for us india has no judgements corrupt country

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  • It's funny they had to use Sapan as the bald guy when they already had Saurabh Pant

    Darshil VaishnavDarshil Vaishnavसाल पहले
  • Pop quiz. How many times did sourab change his chair position?

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  • Sourabh snapped at the end

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  • Wow you guys rock

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  • You don't want to be witness to your death..

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  • 😎Vishal Vikas😎 🤣😂😅😆🤣😂😅😆

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  • I salute to that woman..... She is my star... She is great.

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  • Good goingm keep up

    Asfaque UddinAsfaque Uddinसाल पहले
  • Haramkhor Sale

    A N KA N Kसाल पहले
  • best outrage of eic!

    Ali Arafat ShantoAli Arafat Shantoसाल पहले
  • I vote for NOTA but one thing we need is that if NOTA has more votes than the candidates can not participate again before 5 years..new candidates should be taken for the same..

    Niess CrocsNiess Crocsसाल पहले
  • Why are they not dying..

    Niess CrocsNiess Crocsसाल पहले
  • So will bollywood make a movie on her ?

    Nabajeet DuttaNabajeet Duttaसाल पहले
  • where is vishal vikas in 2:50 i want see them

    Sowmya LathaSowmya Latha2 साल पहले
  • 109 yadav disliked the videos Fuck them

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  • Who are those motherfucking dislikers

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  • 4:46 say that again now...😂😂

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  • The moment he said up he changed his language .... What a pun bro. Hats offf😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Nice of Eic to bring this news into the limelight

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  • Salute to neelam katara . A true Indian hero🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Jayesh KhemaniJayesh Khemani2 साल पहले
  • Every politician in India is untrustable.

    Jayesh KhemaniJayesh Khemani2 साल पहले
  • Kudos to Neelam Katara! What a fantastic woman! A True Hero. Hope Indians understand how screwed up this country and its justice is. Neelam, EIC, Kunal Kamra and people like them are the ones who are going to save this Great Nation from right wing facsits. And, we should do whatever we can to support them!

    Cliff ShivkarCliff Shivkar2 साल पहले
  • You guys do a wonderful job EIC. Awareness is what we all need.. and there's no better way than this. Tum kya mast kaam karta hai EIC #JaaduKiJhappi

  • Amazing! Salutes!

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  • Thank you so much for this content.

    Kunal RavindraKunal Ravindra2 साल पहले
  • This video was really informative. Neelam katara is such a courageous, graceful and sophisticated lady. I absolutely adore her now. Thank you EIC for making a video on her and letting us know who she is.

    tuba husaintuba husain2 साल पहले
  • Are EIC guys really so dumb. Jessica lal was muredered in 1999, nitish katara in 2002. Is time travel possible. Only one possibility, he might have been on bail in some other case in 1999. Anyways, grand salute the lady.

  • Dislike are frm political Criminals..

    Sujith GSujith G2 साल पहले
  • Did anyone notice he is trying to make bullshit connection of this incidence with BJP?

    Jayaprakash BhoiJayaprakash Bhoi2 साल पहले
  • I am from up ND I know how it happens these politicians visit the villages meet the Poor's give them some money smtimes or on regular basis they just give them meet and daaru party nd donates money in temple nd mosque frequently nd people just think that they are feeding us making a lot for us so we should support him and even the politician does some crime they just support him

    Arun PatelArun Patel2 साल पहले
  • Criminals should be hanged up on the spot of crime ..........no excuse, no mercy, then only there will be some improvement in the nation ......

    Ak. k.Ak. k.2 साल पहले
  • he has printed subhas chanda pic on his coffee mug.

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  • His girlfriend is such a bitch

  • And we salute you Sorabh for reiterating the facts for us! #EICkicksassyetagain #StopVotingCriminals

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  • We need a movie on her ... Rani or Vidya Balan .. we need these real Stories .. ( though I m sure it will Not b a hit ) seriously .. Salute to her ..

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  • Thank you #EIC...

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  • I am yadav N there's a mobile in my hand 😂

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  • So much respect for her and for eic too 👍👍

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  • The most pathetic jurisdiction , law and order system belongs to India.... If we are still proud but not ashamed or deny all these.... We are the first criminals to ourselves!

    Barnali AdhikaryBarnali Adhikary2 साल पहले
  • The courts should grant these under trials bail but only on one condition that, they will serve their entire bail or parole time in Gadchiroli district working towards the upliftment of the locals there. I am sure that they will prefer jail time over bail time once they pay a visit to Gadchiroli.

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  • It is sad to see that there are still some 96 assholes till now who have given this video a thumbs down.

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  • your content is good but just try to shout a little less

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  • Hats off. ..u guys have guts to speak on these topics. ..gr8 job sir

    Asim HashmiAsim Hashmi2 साल पहले
  • That's so true.... Keep up the good work guys

    Aparna VermaAparna Verma2 साल पहले
  • My Respect for Neelam Katara... And shame on Indian System...

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  • Awsm😍😍😍😍😍

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  • 👍

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  • Really disappointed to see that those assholes belong to my city

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  • Why is there 90 dislikes ? Who fucking hate this news ?

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  • I absolutely love #EICoutrage. These guys are comedians but still feel responsible enough to raise sensible and sensitive issues that the nation must know about. Be it about justice, journalism or environment or political scenarios of our country. I love you guys. Thanks for this show. 😊👍

    Sushnata PandaSushnata Panda2 साल पहले
  • Such a great outrage.👏👏👏👏👏

  • I think the real killer of Nitish katara was the people of U.P. and sometime Bihar because these are only two states of INDIA which despite of such a resourceful and having large no of institutions and man power we all are living in baluchistan of india but the difference is only that the state is not responsible but the common people are responsible becaue a politician is the mirrior image of the sentiments and mindsets of atleast 20% of people of their constetuency and thet is the reason poor people of up and bihar treated just above dogs in other states its not only maharstra the northeast and the south also and being a criminal is final ticket to vidhan sabha in up if you are not a criminal people of up think that you are a chutiya.Kalyan singh lost up beacuse he stopped cheating in board exams and this is what real u.p. is and by the way i am resident of up shameful about the mindset that my society have.there are some good politician but if out of 403 apples 6 or 10 are good what can you say about the that lot. And the people have a corrupt mindset and it's universal "you reap what you sow". Till apoclypse U.P. mindset will not change.

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  • m.facebook.com/ravissinghji1/

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  • Respect Neelam Katara!!!

    Neha GoelNeha Goel3 साल पहले

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  • Did anyone notice her surname is Katara as in the character from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Tanvesh ReleTanvesh Rele3 साल पहले
  • Ma'am 💁

    Palavi RajgudePalavi Rajgude3 साल पहले
  • inko vote isliye milte hai kyunki election se phele sabko apna dost bana lete hai or hum sochte hai agar ye jeet jaye toh hume bhi support mil jayga.

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  • I wnt 2 b lik u nt afraid f syin truth.

    Sonu KumarSonu Kumar3 साल पहले
  • Who the Fu*k are those 91 people who disliked the video?? Hats off to Neelam Ji..

    Mrigank TiwariMrigank Tiwari3 साल पहले
  • the fucking justice of India😂😂😂 lol I know 3 cases in my family. no. 1 during 1947 partition, my family moved from Multan to hissar. we were lucky zamindars to get land but our gr8 Indian govt just gave 1/4 of land if compared with Pakistan. we had a court case which after 50yrs we won. but den on that land few morons came and claimed dere. dat case is still on. 2nd was worst. my father bought a flat in 2006. dda and RCS denied any resident to live dere saying it was illegal. in 2013, most won and given dere house. we were among 10 unlucky whose case though won at high court was challenged at district court. in 2015 may we lost. den back to high court. in 2016 July lost in high court. and den we challenged in supreme court. lost in March 2017 no. 3 was my taiji who was falsely accused of taking bribe as she is a principal of school

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  • after 4.5 years of relationship that guy died in front of her own eyes and just to save her brothers and herself she kept quite ...She and her love is equally disgusting she is equally at fault for keeping quiet and trust me don't love someone if you can't for him/her ...She reminds me of Priyanka Todi the Lux cozi co owners daughter who did the same thing to a poor guy she got married to and that guy was killed by her parents and as the then government (CPIM) helped them not even a single evidence came against them and she kept quiet till date .. These girls disrespect love and trust shame on them .. Salute to this mother who fought like a true fighter like a real lady should ..

    NeilNeil3 साल पहले
  • Dispite the rick, knowing that there may be bad consequences, you'll still took up the issue, thank you .

    Andria AntaoAndria Antao3 साल पहले
  • i wish there were some award like mother india...i would give it 2 her

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  • 4:58 to 5:05. I have never seen Sorabh so pissed off

    Sarthak MohantySarthak Mohanty3 साल पहले
  • Welcome to UP

    Abdulla KauchaliAbdulla Kauchali3 साल पहले
  • if we dont vote for criminals, we cant exercise our voting rights

    pallavi muleypallavi muley3 साल पहले
  • woh hopewala achcha joke tha. there are thousands of yadav arround ek nitish toh yeh video bante bante margaya😞

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  • very good topic you raised #EIC ,congrats bro ,keep it up !!

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  • bro im from up i know whats going on Right now in election for ex distribution of beer money etc on villages targeting uneducated voters n getting vote by mens of cast n religion division promising one set of religion rights n accusing other sections its like every party have their own weapon of breaking democracy but u just can't help it right now there is no one to actually vote for but i knoe people still vote for their cast n religion nobody cares abt crimes n development its just like divided n rule the only difference is that this time we choose to live in it

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    • #ripEnglish#notmymothertongue

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  • wow I m watching dis today ...d day of election 😃

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  • up waalo ki maa ki ........bc saale ye up or bihari

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  • I'll vote for you

    Madhav duaMadhav dua4 साल पहले
  • best outrage till date

    Sumon SinhaSumon Sinha4 साल पहले
  • EC shouldn't give tickets to the criminals. Come you can ban person with three child you can ban this at least.

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  • she is wonder woman....

    SwagataSwagata4 साल पहले
  • true hero!

    Nunu In The GardenNunu In The Garden4 साल पहले
  • Vishal-Vikas were amazing !!!

    Ankit VermaAnkit Verma4 साल पहले
  • Damn, he's such a powerful orator. How did I miss on this one? All eic videos are funny, ofcourse, but this outrage thing is just so out of the box and let's face it, awesome! Urgh inspiration level 1000.

    Hiya BrahmbhattHiya Brahmbhatt4 साल पहले
  • guys you simply rock

    Jagpreet SinghJagpreet Singh4 साल पहले
  • first time awesome outrage may best of all. because it's a hope for right.

    Ravindra singh ThakurRavindra singh Thakur4 साल पहले
  • It's high time that you guys quit youtube and start your private NewsChannel.

    Durga PrasadDurga Prasad4 साल पहले
  • saurabh ur temperament matches ranveer singh`s ...it would be nice to see you both together...

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  • 83 Yadav fans spotted , fuck you all who dared to dislike this video

  • You're making dp yadav innocent by granting votes

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  • 83 Unlikers are those criminals cousins.

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  • @eicoutrage you guys are doing a wonderful job by bringing up these issues.. thank u

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  • Sapan the bald guy ???

    RAHUL AhujaRAHUL Ahuja4 साल पहले
  • Well.. She did something incredible. Indian legal system is completely screwed so does the citizens making them..#ProudIndian

    Akshay AkshantalAkshay Akshantal4 साल पहले
  • Its a request to EIC, please bring EIC Outrage on demonetization and Trump's Victory

    Shubham GabaShubham Gaba4 साल पहले
  • BC isme down vote kisne kiya?

    Virendra PandeyVirendra Pandey4 साल पहले
  • thanks the best video plz bring videos like this of unsung heros

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  • 😊#salute

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  • I like how he switched to hindi while addressing the people of up!!😂😂😂

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  • Massive respect to EIC outrages !

    Rakesh YadavRakesh Yadav4 साल पहले
  • You guys r awesome

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  • Why YADAVS whyyyyy 😭😭😭

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  • Thankyou for highlighting an issue like this. It's just mind boggling to think of the implications of something like this. What an inspiration to us. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like waiting 14 years for justice. Truly we salute you ma'am, your courage and steadfastness. A true #hero Indian or otherwise.

    Sharat GoswamiSharat Goswami4 साल पहले