4-4-Two Podcast | Ep 17 | BRUNOOOOOOO?

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An episode recorded way too early in the morning, in which Neville and Azeem are way too positive about their teams. Also some Liverpool appreciation and FPL tips.
Video: Vivek Mehta
Sound: Azeem + Urvashi
Spot: Ted Tiger
Venue: That Comedy Club

  • 23:36 bawa

    Sukhbir SinghSukhbir Singh11 महीने पहले
  • Bro where is the new podcasts??

    Mayank thakurMayank thakurसाल पहले
  • I don understand what neville adds to this podcast. Azeem, you should have teamed up with kautuk srivastava for this podcast. There could be so much more humour added to the show.

    Shardul NandapurkarShardul Nandapurkarसाल पहले
  • 26:00 Azeem srsly thinks Fergie me tactics ka itna nai tha. Usme man management zyada accha tha. Srsly Azeem!!!

    Aryan VoraAryan Voraसाल पहले
  • Is this on at least Amazon music

    Harsh GavhankarHarsh Gavhankarसाल पहले
  • 1.ftb.al/nmeNWYUpv3 In case you guys need material for next episode... Watford ka Legendary Andre Gray ek kick-off galat liya aur free kick de diya opponents ko😂 Love you guys❣️

    Rishav SinghRishav Singhसाल पहले
  • Gents ..u need to speak on this.. www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/10800264/neymar-ass-pass-psg-reims-video?

    Lucose EralilLucose Eralilसाल पहले
  • Hey guys waiting for your new video this week can’t wait to c Azeems reaction to this weeks games but try making one post the burnley game We may win

    Wilbur SoansWilbur Soansसाल पहले
    • Bro I’m a united fan my self trust me gussa nikalne de Sala Neville is so happy we still are 6 points behind him inspite of being so close But atleas now even Neville will fear as any team can over take our position n chase them down for their position

      Wilbur SoansWilbur Soansसाल पहले
    • Bhai comment delete karde... Azeem bhai ka kahi ka gussa kahi nikal jayega

      Rishav SinghRishav Singhसाल पहले
  • Waiting for this week episode ?!? Me got mid week EPL action but no action for 4 4 2 . Packaging kidhar hai !!!!!?!?

    Yajur SinghYajur Singhसाल पहले
  • Get Varun, Aadar and Kautuk on the show

    Kush DesaiKush Desaiसाल पहले
  • @Azeem - Liverpool's Alisson has more Premier League assists than Jesse Lingard in 2019/20. Fact to discuss in next podcast.

    ayush tandonayush tandonसाल पहले
  • Can't wait for the next episode 🤣 reds are rampant ,even frikin' Allison is getting an assist now !!

    jay ghetiyajay ghetiyaसाल पहले
  • Hey plz someone help me to understand this transfer & manager shit bcoz i love to watch football but no idea how this outside the field work plz. I know its stupid but i m a football freak..its my no 9129171696 plz help me out i did Google but couldn't find anything

    Mohd KashifMohd Kashifसाल पहले
  • Please stick to Premier League in football. Bawa uses his phone to get Setien's name right and still gets it wrong LMAO. Itna misinformed ho other leagues ke bare mai, you guys are just embarrassing yourself.

    Chaitanya GvsChaitanya Gvsसाल पहले
  • Werner might come to Chelsea

    Mandar SugdareMandar Sugdareसाल पहले
    • Yes

      Nihar BamNihar Bam6 महीने पहले
  • Cutrone was actually loaned to Fiorentina

    Tejas KhandekarTejas Khandekarसाल पहले
  • Y'all should get kautuk someday as a guest

    Harish ShettyHarish Shettyसाल पहले
    • Harish Shetty yes and discuss laliga

      Jitesh ShahaniJitesh Shahaniसाल पहले
  • Anyone FPL code please

    sai hemanth korrapatisai hemanth korrapatiसाल पहले

    Aryan JunejaAryan Junejaसाल पहले
  • We will win at Liverpool. Their downfall starts here InSha Allah.

    Salmaan AgaSalmaan Agaसाल पहले
  • Also Azeem, Ole is dong a good job, get off his back and give him some time. Klopp when he went to Liverpool had a rough time initialy, pep could not win it in his first season and he had the backing of the sheikhs oil mafia sponsored money. You need to have patience. We are fucked, but Ole is the right man.

    Salmaan AgaSalmaan Agaसाल पहले
  • Azeem, this a good thing you started. But your laziness for actually checking facts is killing it. I have a life is the lamest excuse. Setien was out of job as he left Betis in the summer. Do a little research or you will kill it. I don't want that to happen. Your fan SALMAAN. A Manchester United fan.

    Salmaan AgaSalmaan Agaसाल पहले
  • FPL code ep11 17:48

    Nihar ChandurkarNihar Chandurkarसाल पहले
  • Lol I’m a photographer at Aus Open, uss din ko it was sweltering hot and the pollution got to some of the players bas. Our Indian players felt like they were playing in Chennai or Delhi bas :P

    KshitijKshitijसाल पहले
  • Rraanji

    Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkarसाल पहले
  • Wait for this every week 🔥

  • Maja aa gaya yaar what an episode you are always crushing it.

    am.saturdayam.saturdayसाल पहले
  • Neville sounds like he started following Chelsea after 2012-13. He had no information about football history for his club let alone the rest of Europe. He seems like the guy who gets his knowledge from headlines and doesn't read the articles under the headlines at all.

    Pushkar SanePushkar Saneसाल पहले
  • Tumlog yaar sponsorship maangna band kar diya😂 koi mil Gaya kya bakra? 😂😂😂😂

    Parth KadamParth Kadamसाल पहले
  • #Bartlet2020 for realz. dope t-shirt by bawa!

    Samyak PatiSamyak Patiसाल पहले
  • Whose Santosh?

    Parth KadamParth Kadamसाल पहले
  • How many of you started using "Ab packaging idhar aayega" slang ?😁

    RyukRyukसाल पहले
  • Koi tactical analysis nahi.. kuch samajh me nhi aa raha purpose kya hai show ka. 442oons ki copy karke uski izzat toh rakho yaar!

    Krishanu DuttaKrishanu Duttaसाल पहले
  • Team India thrashed by Australia... At home one sided... Include in the kachra news in the next podcast.

    Sam DSam Dसाल पहले
  • From a spurs fan, sacking Mourinho is not an unpopular opinion...

    Kavish AhmadKavish Ahmadसाल पहले
  • According to Warnock: Wenger Guardiola Klopp Sir Alex Mou

    GokulGokulसाल पहले
  • No venkatesh prasad reference

    arshil riazarshil riazसाल पहले
  • 2 weeks se meri bhi lgi hui h fpl m apna time aayega vardy ko triple captain krdo.

    Just watch itJust watch itसाल पहले
  • Coutinho was sold at 142milPounds

    Shreyansh SinghShreyansh Singhसाल पहले
  • 5:49 kachra khatam ho gaya

    Shreyansh SinghShreyansh Singhसाल पहले
  • Poet said that about Aubamayang

    EjaazEjaazसाल पहले
  • Ye dono konsa Football Manager Khelta hai?

    Nihal NehrotraNihal Nehrotraसाल पहले
  • Bounty Iraq ne nahi Iran ne declare kiya :p

    Parag DahatondeParag Dahatondeसाल पहले
  • Bundesliga mein "wahi" nehi chal raha hain bharwon.. Bundesliga chal hi nehi raha hain... Abhi winter break hain.

    Barish ChaturbedyBarish Chaturbedyसाल पहले
  • Use OneFootball app baba

    RENUK M BRENUK M Bसाल पहले
  • @Azeem: I don't know if you know this but Kloop almost signed for United. Usne aake dekha ki yaha pe circus chalu hai toh vo chala gaya. Vo bola yaha football chodke baki sab hota hai. P.S: I'm a United fan as well.

    Shoaib BelimShoaib Belimसाल पहले
    • @Shoaib Belim "The S*N" had reported it... No wonder

      Rahul KalgutkarRahul Kalgutkarसाल पहले
    • @Rahul Kalgutkar check your facts first bro

      Shoaib BelimShoaib Belimसाल पहले
    • @Rahul Kalgutkar www.teamtalk.com/news/further-details-reveal-just-how-close-klopp-was-to-taking-man-utd-job

      Shoaib BelimShoaib Belimसाल पहले
    • Lol... That never almost happened!

      Rahul KalgutkarRahul Kalgutkarसाल पहले
  • Should Man U get Oddegard on loan ?

    subham nayaksubham nayakसाल पहले
    • @Chirag Rao RM apparently are calling him back and loaning kubo because his spell is coming to an end

      subham nayaksubham nayakसाल पहले
    • @subham nayak too much complication

      Chirag RaoChirag Raoसाल पहले
    • @Chirag Rao i know but real madrid can call him back and if the feelhe aint ready and needs a step up then man u is an option.

      subham nayaksubham nayakसाल पहले
    • He is only on loan now 😂

      Chirag RaoChirag Raoसाल पहले
  • Pochettino: " I would rather go and work in a farm in Argentina than manage Barcelona." Barcelona tried but it's close to impossible to get him there. He is damn loyal to Espanyol

    Vishal AroraVishal Aroraसाल पहले
  • Glad to see you guys discussing Liverpool for a considerable amount of time finally! Can you please get Rahul Subramanian or any other fan as guest for a podcast.

    Rahul KalgutkarRahul Kalgutkarसाल पहले
  • Might be an interesting watch ! inworlds.info/plus/zs3eu5eAha3SlrI/v-iy

    Siddharth BharadwajSiddharth Bharadwajसाल पहले
  • Quique seitien is actually a very good tactian....and was the last manager to beat barcelona at camp nou

    Aditya SwaroopAditya Swaroopसाल पहले
    • With Attacking philosophy

      aadhil naushadaadhil naushadसाल पहले
  • Fpl code dedo yaar

    Shank ShowShank Showसाल पहले
  • Get KT on the show and discuss betrayal

    Kush DesaiKush Desaiसाल पहले
  • Barca Fans Here we go: 26:47

    Pratick_58Pratick_58साल पहले
  • Yhea lingard and Jones are shitt and Arsenal too!!!!!

    Parth MemaneParth Memaneसाल पहले
  • Harris shield is an inter school tournament in mumbai do they need pay? 😂😂

    Mithil InamdarMithil Inamdarसाल पहले
  • Azeem : Neend Aurier😂😂😂

    Sandesh ShettySandesh Shettyसाल पहले
  • When does Man Utd bullshit ends?

    Rashim JacobRashim Jacobसाल पहले
  • Zoumones sound more like a Pokemon😂

    Sandesh ShettySandesh Shettyसाल पहले
  • kaise milega tum logon ko sponsor? neville naha kar toh aao...also who will sponsor if you keep flipping off in the video? but great podcast, venkatesh prasad rocks!

    Abhijeet RawleAbhijeet Rawleसाल पहले
  • Lolpool crap from 18:54 to 24:55

    Manish KadabaManish Kadabaसाल पहले
  • Welcome to ManU, Chelsea and woh!! 😆

    Cityzen TalksCityzen Talksसाल पहले
  • Love the West Wing(Aaron Sorkin) reference! Bartlett for America

    anant agnihotrianant agnihotriसाल पहले
  • You guys are fuckin amazing. Love the camaraderie between you two.

    Sourom BhagatSourom Bhagatसाल पहले
  • Quique Setien wasn't the Real Betis Manager this season. He left last summer. Do you guys mind reading up a bit?

    Danesh WatchmakerDanesh Watchmakerसाल पहले
    • @Parth Kadam if you watch La Liga you'd understand that they're technically more gifted. Yes of course the English TV deal is lucrative because of which the English clubs get their money. But mind you in the last 6 years UCL winners have all been Spanish.

      Eric Raji ThomasEric Raji Thomasसाल पहले
    • @Eric Raji Thomas yeah it's definitely lower because they don't even show it on TV. And in Spanish league there's either Barcelona or Real who wins the league every year. Premier league is unpredictable.

      Parth KadamParth Kadamसाल पहले
    • Naah. They won't coz it's spanish league and they think it's lower than Premier league and kaise bhi khelte hai udhar. Just biased towards PL which in fairness is where their fav clubs play.

      Eric Raji ThomasEric Raji Thomasसाल पहले
  • Jurgen Klopp for Liverpool is Professor from Money Heist

    Sandeep adityaSandeep adityaसाल पहले
  • Pochetino ko isiliye nahi liya coz he managed their Derby rivals espanyol and he said he would go stay on a farm rather than manage uefalona

    Mounil shahMounil shahसाल पहले
  • Sachin!!

    Nayan ShahNayan Shahसाल पहले
  • Harris sheild school tournament hai 🤭🙂

    SarveshRahateSarveshRahateसाल पहले
  • Bhai kya lgta hai bRUNO aayega ?🤣 #utdfanhere

    Srijan DubeSrijan Dubeसाल पहले
  • FPL Code: 4wgd9n

    Virendra KumarVirendra Kumarसाल पहले
    • Virendra Kumar not coming

      sai hemanth korrapatisai hemanth korrapatiसाल पहले
  • Please tell FPL code . Thanx in advance !

    Yajur SinghYajur Singhसाल पहले
    • Shank Show it’s coming it has a format number-number

      sai hemanth korrapatisai hemanth korrapatiसाल पहले
    • Shank Show it isn’t coming

      sai hemanth korrapatisai hemanth korrapatiसाल पहले
    • Code: rhxrvn Iss mehnat ke liye mere channel ko subscribe Kar do yaar.

      Shank ShowShank Showसाल पहले
  • Venkatesh Prasad?

    Amikh MukhopadhyayAmikh Mukhopadhyayसाल पहले
  • Liverpool is playing on steroids.... It's like that time when we complained in the 2003 cricket world cup... Ponting ke bat mein spring hai

    Indranil GhoshIndranil Ghoshसाल पहले
  • Give something entertain kya a time waste bak bak buk buk

    KalaTech - ಕಲಾಟೆಕ್KalaTech - ಕಲಾಟೆಕ್साल पहले
  • Bak bak karteho sirf boaring

    KalaTech - ಕಲಾಟೆಕ್KalaTech - ಕಲಾಟೆಕ್साल पहले
  • Neville's shirt 😂

    Milan KundaMilan Kundaसाल पहले
  • Mereko bhi nind Aurier

    Sukhbir SinghSukhbir Singhसाल पहले
  • Not even a mention for aguero smashing Henry and Shearer's record ? Fuck me this is so biased

    Mihir ChopdekarMihir Chopdekarसाल पहले
  • Quiqumssj was already out of job

    Girish patilGirish patilसाल पहले
  • Bro Indian women's team bolna galat ni h par fir Indian men's team bhi bolna #feminism mai bohot recently seekha

    KonKonसाल पहले
  • FPL Code: rhxrvn

    Venkat DenduluriVenkat Denduluriसाल पहले
    • Thanks bro

      AcAcसाल पहले
    • It isn’t coming

      sai hemanth korrapatisai hemanth korrapatiसाल पहले
    • @Nikhil Ranglani yes

      Venkat DenduluriVenkat Denduluriसाल पहले
    • Yes

      Venkat DenduluriVenkat Denduluriसाल पहले
    • Is this the 4-4-2 league?

      Nikhil RanglaniNikhil Ranglaniसाल पहले
  • Valverde didn't lose one game and get sacked. He was tactically numb and was destroying the games of everyone except Messi

    Bhavya ShahBhavya Shahसाल पहले
  • League Code batao koi

    Om RelekarOm Relekarसाल पहले
    • Code: rhxrvn Iss mehnat ke liye mere channel ko subscribe Kar do yaar.

      Shank ShowShank Showसाल पहले
  • Spotify and Podcast please????

    Danesh WatchmakerDanesh Watchmakerसाल पहले
  • Pochettino had said he would rather go and start farming than coaching Barcelona.

    Shyam WarrierShyam Warrierसाल पहले
    • Pochettino who?

      Rnav PlaysRnav Playsसाल पहले
    • But they already got a new coach.

      Bibhuti ProBibhuti Proसाल पहले
  • Rassiyo kuch din to gujaro Russia mai

    AviralAviralसाल पहले
    • 26:50 hum ko champions league chahiye hai

      AviralAviralसाल पहले
  • You guys did not even talk about Aguero's hattrick?

    Mohammed UmairMohammed Umairसाल पहले
    • They did talk about aguero

      Tejas KhandekarTejas Khandekarसाल पहले
    • they dint talk about young lfc side beating everton .

      vignesh iyervignesh iyerसाल पहले
  • Guys, please some news about Formula 1

    RahulRahulसाल पहले
  • Why don't you discuss other teams as well Can you also mention Miguel Almiron' s Goal as well There is not just one united in the EPL Newcastle United Howay the lads !!!!!

    Sunil SSunil Sसाल पहले
  • Call kautuk and discuss red card

    dhanarekha shettydhanarekha shettyसाल पहले
  • League code pls

    Shashank ReddyShashank Reddyसाल पहले
    • Code: rhxrvn Iss mehnat ke liye mere channel ko subscribe Kar do yaar.

      Shank ShowShank Showसाल पहले
  • Yeh kon bhadwe hain jo dislike kar rhe hain? Watford fans?

    Rohit RawatRohit Rawatसाल पहले

    kshanik Patilkshanik Patilसाल पहले
  • FM Colchester for life

    Om RelekarOm Relekarसाल पहले
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    Tushar PandeyTushar Pandeyसाल पहले
  • Semi-colon 😜

    rohit bhatiarohit bhatiaसाल पहले
  • Kache phad diye Kangaroos ne

    ayush tandonayush tandonसाल पहले
  • Stream on twitch please!

    sri adithyaasri adithyaaसाल पहले
  • Bro Valverde was sacked kyuki wo Barcelona chutiya Liverpool aur Roma ko behenchod lead maintain kar nhi pai. Also he is worse tactician than fucking Ole, bc Messi uski gand bacha rha tha nhi toh Man U aur Chelsea jaise hi mid table rehte

    Om RelekarOm Relekarसाल पहले
    • Bhai inn dono ko premier league k alawa kuch nhe pata reheta.

      ishan mahajanishan mahajanसाल पहले