4-4-Two Podcast | Ep 15 | Ladka Nikal Gaya Hai, ARTETA Hi Hoga

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In our not-so-special Christmas episode, we ask why Arteta? Why Erling Haaland? And Why Zouma? Obviously. This is our last episode for the year, so happy holiday!
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DOP: Vivek Mehta
Sound: Azeem/Urvashi
Venue: That Comedy Club
Spot: Ted Leopard

  • Initially the Carabao cup and the Club WC matches were scheduled on the same day. After Liverpool's request the Club WC was postponed by 1 day. Also Liverpool has 8 Carabao cups (highest), and who cares about this title anyway.

    Milan SaikiaMilan Saikia10 महीने पहले
  • Guys what’s your league code?

    Akshat NainAkshat Nain10 महीने पहले
  • Where does kachra end?

    Yohann NadarYohann Nadar10 महीने पहले
  • Eriksen is rumoured to be at Inter Milan

    Harsh MehtaHarsh Mehta10 महीने पहले
  • Waiting for the new episode guys. Please bring it ASAP.

    NiviNivi10 महीने पहले
  • Man City also has the same problem, bc aerial crosses dalte jaa rahe hai har match me 10 15, chutiye ho kya, head kon karega Aguero, Bernardo sterling

    Suyash BhandareSuyash Bhandare10 महीने पहले
  • Who else is waiting for the new year video of 4-4-Two?

    Shalini LahiriShalini Lahiri10 महीने पहले
  • Pogba is United’s best player by a mile, how deluded are you that u can’t see that and We need Pogba. We need a creative midfielder

    AdiAdi10 महीने पहले
  • Pogba has been injured for 3 months. He just got better. Why can’t he dance at his brothers wedding? Don’t believe every fucking rumour u hear ffs. Why so much hate for Pogba??

    AdiAdi10 महीने पहले
  • Because Rohit started opening from 2013, that’s the reason for that fact.

    AdiAdi10 महीने पहले

    Export Import irfanExport Import irfan10 महीने पहले
  • Politics k upar pahle jaisa video banao

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  • Plz subscribe to my cousin's channel. He has extremely good video content and his new video is amazing. Here is a link to his video: inworlds.info/plus/rpm4vYaAl4zdu50/v-iy

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  • Hey guys this is my cousin's channel

    Devansh MathurDevansh Mathur11 महीने पहले
  • Hey. When are you guys coming on a podcast service???

    Nitin SharmaNitin Sharma11 महीने पहले
  • Why on earth would madrid replace modric with pogba 😂😂these epl fans 🤦

    sreejan thakursreejan thakur11 महीने पहले
  • Kisi ne ye channel bahut proudly recommend kiya mujhe pata hai kya ab mera bharosa utth gaya uske upar se😂😂😂😂😂

    Sanjay KumarSanjay Kumar11 महीने पहले
  • Sergio Ramos is the cancer of football

    TrenchcoatMafiaTrenchcoatMafia11 महीने पहले
  • Why do these comics think they can have a podcast on everything? Just this one episode how little they actually watch football.

    Harshkumar SinghHarshkumar Singh11 महीने पहले
  • pair todega red card lega lekin goal ni jane dega 😆😆

    Aman KumarAman Kumar11 महीने पहले
  • yeh chelsea aur man u ke chode, football ke guru samjhte hai khudko

    Lv7Lv711 महीने पहले
  • Put a time stamp for kachra time..

    BIG PPBIG PP11 महीने पहले
  • Man U's defence chelsea's midfield and arsenal's attack. That team can challenge for the title.

    Tanmay ChandaTanmay Chanda11 महीने पहले
    • Man u defence nahi bhai😂sirf goalie lo udhar ko

      AnshAnsh10 महीने पहले
  • Waiting for Azeem rant about the Watford game in 2020.

    Shalini LahiriShalini Lahiri11 महीने पहले
  • call Rahul Subramanium and then discuss Liverpool

    Avinash DangwalAvinash Dangwal11 महीने पहले
  • Why don't you bring back eic outrage

    Who CaresWho Cares11 महीने पहले
  • Proper Robinhood was Klopp ka 1st and 2nd season..

    Centre BackCentre Back11 महीने पहले
  • CAA OR NRC par ek song likhye 😍

  • damn its almost like you guys dont even watch football

    Neil ThomasNeil Thomas11 महीने पहले
  • Guys, are you serious about this? You can be picked up by ESPN and the like given your ability to engage. But you're so unprepared that the video becomes cringey.

    amit vadaviamit vadavi11 महीने पहले
  • Even this 0-0 clasico draw was more entertaining then most of the premier league match. Please start watching la liga not just highlights.

    ishan mahajanishan mahajan11 महीने पहले
  • Ae bhai 442 leagua ka code dena mere ko bhi join krna h

    Just watch itJust watch it11 महीने पहले
  • Nani♥️♥️

    shrikant vernekarshrikant vernekar11 महीने पहले
  • Guys Whats the FPL Code for 4-4-Two podcast league? Bit late but still wanna join it. Edit : Found it - RHXRVN It was in comments section in episode 11 lol

    Anuj ChandnaAnuj Chandna11 महीने पहले
    • Thx

      Akash SinghAkash Singh11 महीने पहले
  • invite me on this please

    Rahul SaxenaRahul Saxena11 महीने पहले
  • Chelsea ke upar itna talk lol! talk about other teams like dortmund bayern barcelona! Neville Sucks,exaggerating chut

    Omkar ShendgeOmkar Shendge11 महीने पहले
  • Minamino asian market ke liye? Ye chutiyaa football show kaise kr rha hai🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ seen his goal at anfield

    Sravan KumarSravan Kumar11 महीने पहले
    • That point he may be wrong because Asian market consists of either us or Chinese

      Centre BackCentre Back11 महीने पहले
    • @Centre Back agr tujhe sasthe acche player mil rha hai to kyun nhi legaa? Ox mf mai kheltha hai winger nhi hai wo,mane ke liye backup nhi hai. Mera problem ye hai ki wo asian market ke liye aise hi khareed liya bol rha.

      Sravan KumarSravan Kumar11 महीने पहले
    • @Sravan Kumar to play his role they have mane Salah firmino Alex shaqiri origi..

      Centre BackCentre Back11 महीने पहले
    • @Centre Back 🤣 konsa position? Klopp ka reaction dekha goal ke baad? Position filled hai to bench ke loye nhi le sakthe kyaa 8m ke liye 1st player koi nhi leta

      Sravan KumarSravan Kumar11 महीने पहले
    • He said that because they have similar players at that position, rather it's for future..

      Centre BackCentre Back11 महीने पहले
  • Konsa chutiya hai ye,haland vs liv dekha nhi kyaa? Saare bade players chote league se hi start krthe hai🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    Sravan KumarSravan Kumar11 महीने पहले
  • If la liga is so crap, why chelsea were ran around by valencia🤫

    Sravan KumarSravan Kumar11 महीने पहले
  • El classico was the best game when ronaldo was there. Now rivalry has toned down, don't chat shit without watching games

    Sravan KumarSravan Kumar11 महीने पहले
  • Where do you guys watch carabao cup

    Shubham PansariShubham Pansari11 महीने पहले
  • Finally you guys spoke about the Bundesliga! Seriously though, I would love it if you can watch the Bundesliga more and give a more in-depth analysis of the league. Also, Bayern aren't just buying players only from the Bundesliga. They also have a decently strong academy and raid other leagues for good players

    Vishal AdityaVishal Aditya11 महीने पहले
  • You're so wrong about Minamino. He will get a lot of playing time under Klopp

    Tushar MakhijaTushar Makhija11 महीने पहले
  • Dravid was RCB captain in Season-1!😂😂😂😂

    Niken ShahNiken Shah11 महीने पहले
  • At the beginning of every future El Classico, each player from both teams should be given a yellow card to make them behave throughout the 90'.

    Aditya KhareAditya Khare11 महीने पहले
  • I didn't know EIC did football review.So glad I clicked on this vedio.

    ritul sharmaritul sharma11 महीने पहले
  • Pogba does not drink! It's a well known fact

    Nagesh RaoNagesh Rao11 महीने पहले
  • Mat Karo Cricket Discuss....Idhar Nobody Cares except Neville

    Pratick_ 58Pratick_ 5811 महीने पहले
  • Dude..you guys are great...but NRC is a SERIOUS business

    Dweepabiswa BagchiDweepabiswa Bagchi11 महीने पहले
  • Azeem is for Lingard what Neville is for Zouma..

    Shubham KoyandeShubham Koyande11 महीने पहले
  • Me New York ja raha hai, aur me mast pel ke aane wala hai - Neville shah (December, 2019)

    Kaushal PatelKaushal Patel11 महीने पहले
  • Been a watcher since episode 1 and a loyal fam 😂. Only complain is that the rant you guys have on Chelsea/united is far more footage than anything else especially City Liverpool leicester. Pls thoda badhao yaar thoda. Baaki tum mast kaam karta hai😂

    golden knightgolden knight11 महीने पहले
  • Ancelloti had 2 terrible stints at Napoli and Bayern, He’s past it. Arteta has the potential to be a top manager, Who knows about him but Ancelotti is past it.

    dipesh balwanidipesh balwani11 महीने पहले
    • Totally agree

      Shilpi MukherjeeShilpi Mukherjee11 महीने पहले
  • Modric has anyway been replaced in the lineup by Fede. Very unlikely real will go for Pogba given the rise of Fede.

    Vishal AroraVishal Arora11 महीने पहले
  • Nivele Azem use One football app lovdo

    RENUK M BRENUK M B11 महीने पहले
  • Chelsea should shoot some shots from outside the box. We are just trying to pass the ball into the net 😶

    Soham SonisSoham Sonis11 महीने पहले
  • Chelsea bringing back ake in January

    DipanshuDipanshu11 महीने पहले
  • Quite a delay in uploading huh?

    Shashank SundarShashank Sundar11 महीने पहले
  • Champions leauge fixture ka kuch bola nei.....

    abhilash mohantyabhilash mohanty11 महीने पहले
  • I love how they start talking about other sports and then unknowingly switch to football and after having an elaborate discussion on it they come back to other sports again to go back to football

    Meet PatelMeet Patel11 महीने पहले
  • Pogba is Muslim i think he doesn't drink.

    AviralAviral11 महीने पहले
  • How to join fpl league??

    Milap SharmaMilap Sharma11 महीने पहले
  • Don't think we're gonna let Vini go unless it's some absurd amount

    Ankit ChauhanAnkit Chauhan11 महीने पहले
  • Hum ko Timo werner chahiye Azeem - bat-toh-shui Hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Minamino can play no.10, upfront as a striker, and on both the flanks. The other Asian in the Salzburg team was a Korean BTW.

    Bhavya ShahBhavya Shah11 महीने पहले
  • Zidane is anyway undefeated at Camp Nou. It wasn't that good of a result. Last good El Clasico? April, 2017. Bernabeu pe. RMA 2-3 FCB. Messi scoring the winner in the last minute.

    Nehal Arif AbbasiNehal Arif Abbasi11 महीने पहले
  • Modric has been replaced by Federico Valverde.

    Yash MhatreYash Mhatre11 महीने पहले
  • Add esport news

    Mohit KujurMohit Kujur11 महीने पहले
  • LOL Ramos played clean that match compared to other games. You should have seen lenglet and jordi alba

    Mohammed yusufMohammed yusuf11 महीने पहले
    • Neville knows jackshit. Usko samajhta bhi kuch nahi hai.

      Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
  • Brand placement: PAWAN THE FLYING ACCOUNTANT @pant🤘

    Prashanth PillamariPrashanth Pillamari11 महीने पहले
  • "Kya baja ka chala gaya" nice said😂

    Ekram AliEkram Ali11 महीने पहले
  • FPL league code please???

    SHARDULSHARDUL11 महीने पहले
  • Samson lost his strength when his hair cut. Cain was the first murderer for killing his brother Abel.

    A MA M11 महीने पहले
    • Also, I think Mata should try and play in a more withdrawn role, since he has no pace but should have passing ability. Like Paul Scholes in his last few seasons. That gives you a creative midfield option without Pogba esp. against teams employing a low block. He can thread a long ball through or over the line.

      A MA M11 महीने पहले
  • Kuldeep Yadav tumhari har video mein kyu hota hei

    Anuj AnandAnuj Anand11 महीने पहले
  • Pogba is a known for not drinking alcohol because of his faith. Please learn a bit more about players from your own team, before repeating standard cliche's from TV pundits and tabloids.

    dsrvudsrvu11 महीने पहले
  • Azeem Rooney is coming back to EPL

    Yash KaushikYash Kaushik11 महीने पहले
  • Neville shah joins EIC

    Rnav PlaysRnav Plays11 महीने पहले
  • Talking about Curse We had, Fellaini before Now, Jesse Lingard !! This trend continues...

    Pavan KumarPavan Kumar11 महीने पहले
  • They didn't talk about Jack grealish btw

    Girish KembaGirish Kemba11 महीने पहले
  • "Speaking of salmons, aj Dabangg 3 release hua hai" DED XD

    Sukhbir SinghSukhbir Singh11 महीने पहले
  • If Madrid Don't get pogba they will try Cristian Erickson

    Harsh ParekhHarsh Parekh11 महीने पहले
  • Petition to use a whiteboard to explain formations Go all the way if you are theory crafting

    Harsh ParekhHarsh Parekh11 महीने पहले
  • actually not only in 2019, he has the highest odi score for india in every calender year since 2013. last was virat in 2012(183 vs pak in asia cup)

    Sukhbir SinghSukhbir Singh11 महीने पहले
  • 20:07 azeem goes like "pogba bhi kitna harami madarchod" all of a sudden 😂

    Fahim ShahariarFahim Shahariar11 महीने पहले
  • I think he meant samson for kane

    JxremyJxremy11 महीने पहले
  • Kova offers more than goals and assists, because of his dribbling. uski dribbling dekho yaar, he gets the ball through the lines better than any player Chelsea has,,,

    Asher KaulAsher Kaul11 महीने पहले
  • "I dont remember when was the last good Clasico" Probably because you havent been watching them.

    Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
    • 9laszczykowski same here

      Sreerag NairSreerag Nair10 महीने पहले
    • @Sreerag Nair amazed how stupid the reply is.

      Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar10 महीने पहले
    • 9laszczykowski or probably el classico isn't football for you laliga glory hunters

      Sreerag NairSreerag Nair10 महीने पहले
    • I bet ye football dekhte bhi honge except Man U & Chelsea

      Altamash MohammadAltamash Mohammad11 महीने पहले
    • 😂

      Altamash MohammadAltamash Mohammad11 महीने पहले
  • There was so much in that Clasico!!! Right from the lineups. Changes were made by Barca just after announcing their lineup, Isco and Bale playing, Messi and Saurez defensive work, Pique and Ramos' goalline clearances, Casemiro's late challanges, Alba's chance, fouls on Varane. Really disappointed.

    Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
    • Varcelona

      Gagan PGagan P11 महीने पहले
    • Real Madrid officially complained about VAR for the first time. Even Real Sociedad, Valencia put out tweets showing the fouls that dont get called against Barca.

      Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
    • Also Fede Valverde, De Jong, Rodrygo Clasico debut. You guys should include other leagues in the kachra section only its as good as that.

      Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
  • Spot: Ted leopard 👍🏾😂😂😂

    Gokul AGokul A11 महीने पहले
  • Real Madrid's defensive performance? 19 shots against Barcelona. They had 9. Atleast fucking watch the games.

    Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
  • INworlds says uploaded yesterday but i got notification like a hour ago

    Harsh ParekhHarsh Parekh11 महीने पहले
  • 2:45 The way Azeem enjoyed that NRC and Bangladesh wala joke. xD

    Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkar11 महीने पहले
  • And i watched the el classico escaping my sleep

    Adityam RajAdityam Raj11 महीने पहले
  • Clearly you guys haven't watched the clasico.

    Shank ShowShank Show11 महीने पहले
  • Neville is that typical Chelsea fan, no idea about the Premier League. Highlights dekhta hoga sayad

    Mridushmoy BaruahMridushmoy Baruah11 महीने पहले
    • Sahi pakde bhai! Aur Liverpool ke bare me jab ye reluctantly discuss karte hain to dono chutiyon ki shakal dekhne layaq hoti hai... 😂

      Altamash MohammadAltamash Mohammad11 महीने पहले
    • 🤣

      Altamash MohammadAltamash Mohammad11 महीने पहले
  • It feels so bad that the Top 5 clubs are performing so bad, except Liverpool, no one is like accurate.

    Cityzen TalksCityzen Talks11 महीने पहले
  • FYI Rahul Dravid was in RCB in IPL 1

    Chaitanya DivateChaitanya Divate11 महीने पहले
  • 4-4-2 league code please?

    Mudit GoelMudit Goel11 महीने पहले
    • I think it's in episode 11

      just random stuffjust random stuff11 महीने पहले
  • Saul niguez aur haaland leke bhai 4 4 2 khel sakte h with jadon sancho as mentor for james, goal marna andar katna sikhayega . james traditional winger rahega 4 4 2 formation me Or 4 2 3 1 Haaland kam se kam hold up play to karega martial ko competition milega. Rashford ko bhi sancho se competition milega, pogba jayega niguez aayega, right sided box to box Aur bhai lastly, Harry maguire ko sign karke kaunsa kuch ukhada h. Is season bas champions league k liye qualify kar gaye to badi baat h .

    Aravind VAravind V11 महीने पहले
  • 12:30 As a fellow Gunner, Its important to answer your queries, Ancelotti is a Dinosaur, we were considering some long term commitment. Allegri, Poch and even Simone were approached but none of them were intrested, atm in mid season. Because of this, Auba and many senior players are considering leaving the Club as well. But we need to rebuild this badge, coz we are actually in a relegation form.

    Cityzen TalksCityzen Talks11 महीने पहले