EIC Outrage: Salute to Indian Athletes!

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Sorabh Pant salutes our Indian athletes before the 2016 Olympics.
And, eats gol-gappas with Salim Khan :).
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  • Sir mari help 10 second 100 meter race

    Usain BoltUsain Bolt3 महीने पहले
  • Now boycott IPL

    Sourav ShoshSourav Shosh3 महीने पहले
  • Agree with you! But for your kind information even IPL is changing destiny of many people.

    Rajashekarreddy DandyalaRajashekarreddy Dandyala3 महीने पहले
  • Truly grt

    Jaideep GodrejJaideep Godrej5 महीने पहले
  • Charsi!!!

    Harshit DugarHarshit Dugar7 महीने पहले
  • In our nation Comedians talk like Politicians and Politicians like Comedians.

    9a Angel Tuti, one11849a Angel Tuti, one11848 महीने पहले
  • This country sucks.

    DivyanshuDivyanshuसाल पहले
  • Ruined my golgappas

    Dev PatilDev Patilसाल पहले
  • Woah I didn't know Salim Khan is a dickhead! People like these deserve no respect and also his son's films should be boycotted so that these assholes think before saying anything to anyone Anyway you guys are doing a great job. It's so disappointing that EIC is so underrated! Love you guys💯♥️♥️

    Vanshika AgarwalVanshika Agarwalसाल पहले
  • Diggam palida

    Raghav SheshadriRaghav Sheshadriसाल पहले
  • Man utd and chelsea fans triggered😂😂😂

    Siddharth dasSiddharth dasसाल पहले
  • Sorry our govt has money only to build statues from our hard earned money

    sanjith muhammedsanjith muhammedसाल पहले
  • .46 Pawar failure 😂😂

  • I agree everywhere except 5:52 cricket and football are also sports, justbcoz they are well off doesnt mean u disrespect them

    Prabhanshu KatiyarPrabhanshu Katiyarसाल पहले
  • Charsi football club🤣🤣

    Rishi RawatRishi Rawat2 साल पहले
  • Now you have made a video about atheletes right why don't you make a video about students studying PhD trying to invent something ,having research not being funded and how many years our country has got a noble prize nobody cares becoz cricketers and filmstars are only people ohh sorry celebrities here , have any scientist or professional was taken for any advertisement endorsement u don't why should u take right ,Virat Kohli is going to hit a six of asteroid coming towards right ,common develop some research centres

    You know who DahYou know who Dah2 साल पहले
  • The athletes should rather represent the USA. At least their talent will be recognized

    Mukund AdhikariMukund Adhikari2 साल पहले
  • I'm a sportsperson myself, totally feel what you're saying. Because of the government's attitude for sports we are demotivated to get into sports at not only school but also back home. Just wish that we could follow our passion like any other field.

    Neharika DashNeharika Dash2 साल पहले
  • So excited to have you at SAI tomorrow😊😊 Big fan💙

    Neharika DashNeharika Dash2 साल पहले
  • SPORTSPERSONS are not respected truly....even I am working as a doctor in SPORTS INJURY CENTER NEW DELHI....Bureaucrats are given more preference over athletes

    aditya kumaraditya kumar2 साल पहले
  • I read the title as Indian Atheists and kept wondering when he would talk about atheists.

    Nandini ShahNandini Shah2 साल पहले
  • In Sochi Olympics,they didn't represent India because they were Kashmiris

    Furqan BabaFurqan Baba2 साल पहले
  • I am from agartala and I know deepa kar.akar personally 😀😀

    Omega bloggerOmega blogger2 साल पहले
  • Cricket is the reason why our olympic champions don't get the recognition they deserve cricket should be banned in india

    AshuAshu2 साल पहले
  • I love u sorabh dude gr8

    Aparnaaditya KulkarniAparnaaditya Kulkarni2 साल पहले
  • Awaiting EIC comedy news channel, where we can get the real news and laugh at a bunch of illiterate politicians.. ✌️

    Le RiderLe Rider2 साल पहले
  • The outrages entertain and gives goosebumps at the same time

    Raj Aryan PrinceRaj Aryan Prince2 साल पहले
  • I am from Hyderabad

    Shinchan TeluguShinchan Telugu2 साल पहले
  • Love your 'OUTRAGE' series n seriously wish they work like a charm.... So much talent in India n they need support .....guys gear up if not financially spread out so the magic word 'HELP' reaches out to the deserving.... SALUTE to guys at EIC...Kip up the good work....

    Shahnaz Zaman ShahShahnaz Zaman Shah2 साल पहले
  • kuch nai badelega ..humare desh ke neta gand chug rahe hai paise ke..

    • aur kahun to... muttt te kam hai hilate jyada hai..

  • U nailed it....bs kr bhai mai hshs k mar gaya

    Arif AhmadArif Ahmad2 साल पहले
  • Right now my show to watch on internet is EIC Outrage.

    Monali DashMonali Dash2 साल पहले
  • 😑 I blame not just our government but also media and common public who doesn't care about anything more than cricket and sometimes football. And every other sports seems to be "boring" and "unpopular" to them. Each medal counts but not each sports or sportsman.... unfortunately that's our flawed mindset. 😑

    MADHU BMADHU B2 साल पहले
  • Sourabh ji, your outrage is right and on point. How do I contribute to developing our nation's wealth, ie these talented youngsters ? I am an unemployed engineer and have no money to support them financially, bas junoon hai. I hope my generation and the next carries forward this flame.

    ExcalibruhhhExcalibruhhh2 साल पहले
  • Hey man my friends including me have national medals and records in swimming and waterpolo but know we are working in cafe and bars in canada we were listed for world school games but govt said we dont have inuf funds to send the team

    Bhawar HayerBhawar Hayer2 साल पहले
  • wonderful!!!!

    Abhinob RoyAbhinob Roy2 साल पहले
  • After watching the video i want to become the sports minister and want to change this apathy for once and all....Salute to the heroes which brings us pride no matter how tough and exhausting their life is...

    Vijaya SinghVijaya Singh2 साल पहले
  • Luger. ..and not loser like everyone else.........good one.

  • Kaun chu*iye dislike kar rahe hai.

    ajay pratapajay pratap2 साल पहले
  • Oh dude the whole video was good except the comparison between EPL and India athletes bro EPL is just on another level if that wasn't there then there wouldn't have been football you just can't compare they have worked hard over the years the least the athletes can do is to find alternative and not depend on the government and Olympics committee which are a waste and bro it's Chelsea football club spell and pronounce it right !!! My outrage for today

    Joafran FernandesJoafran Fernandes2 साल पहले
  • That cretin called Salim Khan, father to an imbecile called Salman Khan must know that even the Indian Air Force has Milkha Singh featuring on it's posters as 'the flying Sikh'. Stupid idiots of Bollywood ought to rise above booze, brawn and bimbos and pore over general knowledge about the country that they live in and get protected under.

    Abhijit KashyapAbhijit Kashyap2 साल पहले
  • Eic good massage to Indian athletes

    Mohammed SajeedMohammed Sajeed2 साल पहले
  • Salim khan poop of bollywood.. Salute to athletes

    kshitij Vaishnavkshitij Vaishnav2 साल पहले
  • whts the ipl giving... its giving ipill to the other sports may be .. look at the damn budget of the opening ceremony only

    Varinder SandhuVarinder Sandhu2 साल पहले
  • Agreed!

    Param PatelParam Patel2 साल पहले
  • How come you insult man utd

  • That's a man with balls , saurabh pant. Love u to the core man

    Roshan DsouzaRoshan Dsouza2 साल पहले
  • Pune ka naam lena zharuri tha kya

    Rutul ThoratRutul Thorat2 साल पहले
  • Guys you are doing such a good thing. I am a fan of EIC now. Spreading knowledge with humour ,you people really working hard for it. Thank you and apart from this pune farting giants😂😂😂Epic it was

    Samarjeet ThakurSamarjeet Thakur2 साल पहले
  • well its just not indians dont give a darn about athlets... but nobody NOBODY likes to get behind athlets who loose... even in usa or china or britain

    Chandini MohanChandini Mohan2 साल पहले
  • Thank you EIC for bringing up real issues which need immediate action. Hope the change stars from your channel.

    Lakshmi SharathLakshmi Sharath2 साल पहले
  • You are like India's John Oliver love this series..

    RishabhRishabh2 साल पहले
  • When you think Priyanka or Deepika more important than PB Sindhu, these happen.

    Dot DotDot Dot2 साल पहले
  • we should stopbwatching Bollywood and watch eic instead.........hve great love for Olympians

    sushmita ghoshsushmita ghosh2 साल पहले
  • There will be pakode wale too....LOL

    A CA C2 साल पहले
  • I think we should have private bodies like bcci in other sports as well... These politicians are shit...

    Shweta KumariShweta Kumari2 साल पहले
  • Sport stars should also sell pakodas. This performance is utterly shameful!

    A. M.A. M.2 साल पहले
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Aastha ShettyAastha Shetty2 साल पहले
  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    BananaBanana2 साल पहले
  • Im myself an athlete and i do see best athlete s but they do get amenities

    Soham GaulSoham Gaul2 साल पहले
  • I share ur thoughts bruh, im also completely tired of this Cricket shit.

    Aniket PandeyAniket Pandey2 साल पहले
  • Many games like karate and sqay r not know to people...!

    Tauzer KhanTauzer Khan2 साल पहले
  • Dont insult ipl u idiots ... reason behind our success and grooming of youngsters is ipl

    Ashirwad SahooAshirwad Sahoo2 साल पहले
  • Desh ki asli problems ko samjhe aur soche,uske khilaf awaz uthaye aur problems ki jad ko khatam kre toh aise cheeze nhi hongi

    Rajiv lilhareRajiv lilhare2 साल पहले
  • Govt. ko athletes ki chinta sirf olympics ke time pr hoti,aur kehte h ki Indian athletes medals nhi la pate,govt. schools se hi agar sports ko sahi badawa aur financial facility de to ,India jyada medal zarur jitenga

    Rajiv lilhareRajiv lilhare2 साल पहले
  • Only in cricket

  • And it is because of these idiotic officials crapping on careers of these wonderful people that most Indian parents don't allow their kids to go for anything other than engineering and medical. Its just like a knee-jerk reaction. One idiot has a brainwave to benefit themselves and the rest of the country suffers horribly. And this is one of the most OUTSTANDING example of "Ghar ka bhedi Lanka dahaaye."

    Gaurav MinzGaurav Minz2 साल पहले
  • You forgot Dattu Bhokre he lives in village In chandwad dist nashik maharashtra, where they dont have proper water source they get tanker water and he is representing India in kayaking in Olympics.

    RushiRushi2 साल पहले
  • @5:47 hey? When did Kurt Angle join EIC?

    Mayank BhatnagarMayank Bhatnagar2 साल पहले
  • milkha singh won 178gold medals out of 180 races he been a part of but still donates all gold to charity and really felt ashamed when someone talks bullshit about him

    Ravnish SinghRavnish Singh2 साल पहले
  • There should be a respect or salute thumbnail i🚩n youtube....especially for this video👍

    Muthu jMuthu j2 साल पहले
  • best was at 5:55 forget the ipl and epl... watch real champions..deepa karmakar made me choke ..everytime i see her olympics clip

    Anuj MinhasAnuj Minhas2 साल पहले
  • Why government fund athletes. They are busy funding those rioters who cause chaos on the name of religion. And that money is our. Which we pay tax and can only wish that it is used for betterment of country rather than funding religious rioters or someone's world tour sponsers

    Dhruvil McWanaDhruvil McWana2 साल पहले
  • Sir...Your contents are superly awesome...but I think you should telecast it in hindi with eng subtitles....'cause almost none of my colleagues are interested in watching it in english....plz do whtvr u can...It will really spread ur ideas further well...Thank u

    ChakravyuhChakravyuh2 साल पहले
  • The best content of all videos👍👍👍

    Abhijay RaneAbhijay Rane2 साल पहले
  • Thank You ... This Is The Best... Majorly Because Of The Topic.

    I Rather Be AnonymousI Rather Be Anonymous2 साल पहले
  • Man you have earned a fan today.loved your video.make other videos like this by concentrating on real heroes and not politicians.

    Raju Modi OfficialRaju Modi Official2 साल पहले
  • Some of it is our fault also. We've never tried to watch other sports. Cricket has made us so selfish that we have never really cared about other sports.

    Dhruv TrivediDhruv Trivedi2 साल पहले
  • Superb.... Thumbs up to u sorabh...

    Taral PatilTaral Patil2 साल पहले
  • EICan by

    Sagnik BSagnik B2 साल पहले
  • Saurab.. You look like the Kurt Angle from WWE 😅😅

    Someshwar N ChariSomeshwar N Chari3 साल पहले
  • Sports is nt a priority of goverment and society focous on studies .

    rishabh Rajrishabh Raj3 साल पहले
  • Completely convinced with this one .. Nice Words...Real Champions!

    Naveen KaushikNaveen Kaushik3 साल पहले
  • those 111 dislikes are for any chutiyas who have did it

    Ashwini LaddaAshwini Ladda3 साल पहले
  • lol

    snehal dhengresnehal dhengre3 साल पहले
  • love you outrages

    Ratan ShuklaRatan Shukla3 साल पहले
  • all Indian politicians are worthless n are screwing up the country

    arindam barthakurarindam barthakur3 साल पहले
  • Fuck the bollywood and politics out of the sport.

    Sayanta GhoshSayanta Ghosh3 साल पहले
  • the best series very true facts

    yyfhjuwjqjwngwhwj 7yyfhjuwjqjwngwhwj 73 साल पहले
  • they can talk about cricket players and footballers because in sbko fame mil chuki hai but still our indian athlets dont get that fame even after won many titles bhot to aise hain jinhe medal tk bechna pdta ..........

    Kushal SharmaKushal Sharma3 साल पहले
  • that's 100% true boss. At least Govt should basic needs for playing if they can't support athletes.

    Jaswanth ReddyJaswanth Reddy3 साल पहले
  • but the sad story is nothing will change,at least not in next 50 years

    Avijit MitraAvijit Mitra3 साल पहले
  • Cricket and football aren't the only sports and I think people need to understand that. But then again the government spends more on sports than for the dead soldiers.

    Ruhi ShahRuhi Shah3 साल पहले
  • And ya they spoke about RPS and GL team in the ipl both the teams captains have gone through worse life struggles and humiliation which many ppl don't know go find about those and then come back and make fun of them

    ashok bodaliashok bodali3 साल पहले
  • Don't talk about cricketers u have no idea how tough it is for them to make it up to the Indian team and they also carry the hopes of billions of ppl while walking on the field

    ashok bodaliashok bodali3 साल पहले
  • 2017 budget for sports nearly 19000 crore ...for youth development 50 lakhs !! thats Indian sports for you ...

    NeilNeil3 साल पहले
  • For indians bhai is god n cricket is religion.. I wonder if ppl hav enuf knowledge abt odr sports as they have abt cricket and cricketers..

  • ipl epl pune farting super giants was epic

    Venkatesh KothaVenkatesh Kotha3 साल पहले
  • best outrage evar!

    Ali Arafat ShantoAli Arafat Shanto3 साल पहले
  • you guys should have million views on every outrage video or even 1.2 billion views so that every indian sees this!

    Sidharth SinghSidharth Singh3 साल पहले