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Sapan Verma loves the people of Mumbai but is not too happy with its infrastructure.
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These are just jokes, offend mat hona :)

  • ❤❤❤❤❤Love you

    prince yogiprince yogi8 दिन पहले
  • We came to Mumbai once just to see Sharukh khan's house in real🙄

    anwesha sahaanwesha saha23 दिन पहले
  • Hey I'm from Andheri East 😅🤣🤣🤣 and I'm middle class too 😄🤣🤣

    Mack SequeiraMack Sequeira25 दिन पहले
  • Mumbai people can relate to this comedy skit really well.

    Anurag TumaneAnurag Tumaneमहीने पहले
  • Rohit Sharma lite

    SaurevieWSaurevieW4 महीने पहले
  • @cp1307 29 out of top 30 skyscrapers of India are in Mumbai. Mumbai is not called financial capital just for sake.

    29_SE_COMP_A_Rohan Dalvi29_SE_COMP_A_Rohan Dalvi5 महीने पहले
  • Who came after his chess stream?😂😂😂

    chandresh sinhachandresh sinha6 महीने पहले
  • The crowd was just so good

    Sanika PingulkarSanika Pingulkar7 महीने पहले
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  • Someone : I didn't laugh at any of your jokes. sapan : have you ever been to my live show?

    egnytegnyt9 महीने पहले
  • vibe is great thanks to Laughing Gas :D

    Dilan WeerapperumaDilan Weerapperuma9 महीने पहले
  • Wahahahahahahaa, oh my god, I don't know why I'm laughing, smells weird in here!

    Silius SethSilius Seth9 महीने पहले
  • I saw you on Amazon Funnies and them came to search here. You are awesome

    Suchi BathejaSuchi Batheja9 महीने पहले
  • Great performance (RAJU BHOPAL)

    Rajendra SRajendra S10 महीने पहले
  • Katai zeher

  • There are more historical places in Mumbai which only original mumbaikars knows not like the outsiders like you

    ashok kambleashok kamble11 महीने पहले
  • Is this the same comedian arrested by mumbai police for realising laughing gas ? 😑

    Shahina SiddiqueShahina Siddique11 महीने पहले
  • Who is here after he used laughing gas on the audience??

    • It was a satirical news article bro

      K GK G7 महीने पहले
    • Siddhanth Budholia search it up

      saudi.saudi.8 महीने पहले
    • What

      Siddhanth BudholiaSiddhanth Budholia8 महीने पहले
    • me

      saudi.saudi.11 महीने पहले
    • Me

      puneetthedynamo 14puneetthedynamo 1411 महीने पहले
  • Laughing Gas Faila rkhi h chutiye ne

  • In a strange incident, a comedian was booked by the cops for employing unconventional methods to make people laugh. Sapan Verma, a Mumbai based stand-up ‘comedian’, has been arrested by Mumbai police on Monday evening from his show at Kanvas Laugh factory, Parel. Sapan is currently under police custody and interrogation is in progress. Prima facie, Sapan might have to face charges for torturing people. Like every criminal has a troubled past, Sapan is no different. Depressed with his decreasing sense of humor, Sapan was unable to come up with new jokes and at first, resorted to targeting government and its supporters. Most of the jokes cracked by alleged ‘comedians’ like Sapan do not go beyond Boobs, Vagina, Periods, Pads, EVM, Hindu, Hindutva, Cow, Gaumutra, the current Prime Minister and the Indian Army. After initially failing at entertaining people, Sapan’s modus operandi was to use fake canned laughter. Bombing on stage had become a usual thing for him, therefore to save face, he was forced to play out pre-recorded laugh tracks on his show. Sapan seemed to have got too cocky and stretched it too far. The audience started calling out his bluff. After getting exposed, Sapan did not give up and started devising new methods to see through his criminal activity. He had previously heard about laughing gas and thus decided to smuggle it into his shows in order to collect a chuckle or two. The failed comic has been reported to release gas a couple of times during his shows, before getting caught, again. “Sapan usually jokes around politics and most of his jokes are lifted from English TV series and shows, sometimes directly copy-pasted from unsuspecting Twitter accounts,” said a person who was present at the crime scene when Sapan had released the laughing gas. Kunal, one of the two Sapan fans, spoke to us and said “I am very disappointed. If Sapan sir didn’t have enough jokes he could have simply used abusive Hindi words like always to make people laugh. There was no need of using laughing gas.”

    Ankit PandeyAnkit Pandey11 महीने पहले
  • Isn’t he the one who used laughing gas in his show & was arrested 😅 creepy

    AditiAditi11 महीने पहले
    • @Rahil Kothari people don't get sarcasm these days!

      Sonika SinghSonika Singh8 महीने पहले
    • That was a fake article from a parody newssite😂😂

      Rahil KothariRahil Kothari10 महीने पहले
    • Damnnn..was waiting for someone to comment ..i was like am i the only one who saw that news 😂😂😂

      Dr.Rishikesh GhatuleDr.Rishikesh Ghatule11 महीने पहले
    • Yess... Even I came here after seeing meme related to it on instagram 🤣🤣 and yes he is the one who used laughing gas .. and earlier also some orthodox methods like using pre- recorded laughter sounds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ... Poor him 🤣

      Ankit PandeyAnkit Pandey11 महीने पहले
  • Sorry you got arrested

    Shishir alluShishir allu11 महीने पहले
  • I am watching this show after he got arrested for releasing laughing gas on his show..

    gokulraj muniappangokulraj muniappan11 महीने पहले
    • @Ankit Pandey 🙌

      gokulraj muniappangokulraj muniappan11 महीने पहले
    • High five

      Ankit PandeyAnkit Pandey11 महीने पहले
  • This ain't no comedy, this is stereotyping. They should learn comedy from Punit Pania.

    Nikhil ChandraNikhil Chandraसाल पहले
  • 👏👏

    Bhairavi YellurkarBhairavi Yellurkarसाल पहले
  • Very very niceee

    Diya KasaragodDiya Kasaragodसाल पहले
  • Damn, is that a stage or a football pitch? Why is that big comedian's boundary even there?

    Sathya NarayananSathya Narayananसाल पहले
  • Andheri East is richer than your entire M.P......Proud Mumbaikar

    Rohan GorivleRohan Gorivleसाल पहले
  • kuch dam nahj hai jokes mai bhai. feels dry. I suggest you stop stand up. take a break and then come back.

    ParthParthसाल पहले
  • not any other album which is better than this after illmatic........ love from india

    Pro PrithviPro Prithviसाल पहले
  • Truth behind comedy ..

    10i_25_Sk Saqlain Ali10i_25_Sk Saqlain Aliसाल पहले
  • Dude, I hope comedy is just a secondary source of income for you. You are really bad at it man. Hope you find your talent or at least some talent.

    Abhirav KariyaAbhirav Kariyaसाल पहले
  • Welcome to Sapan Verma's Tedtalk.

    Nishchay KhatwaniNishchay Khatwaniसाल पहले
  • Dude got arrested! ??? thefauxy.com/comedian-caught-releasing-laughing-gas-on-his-show-arrested/

    Prashant MPrashant Mसाल पहले
  • Who is here after seeing the laughing gas incidence

    Dee DeeDee Deeसाल पहले
  • Laugh with laughing gas

  • I saw the video to notice if the gas is visible

    Rhythm FlypRhythm Flypसाल पहले
  • Laughing gas chod de Bhai

    Anish NairAnish Nairसाल पहले
  • Yeh wohi hai na? Laughing gas wala?

    Mahima PandeyMahima Pandeyसाल पहले
  • I am from powai

    priti shindepriti shindeसाल पहले
  • Mast

    priti shindepriti shindeसाल पहले
  • Drop a like ,if u are from GOREGAON 🤣

    Harit AcharyaHarit Acharyaसाल पहले
  • U r guy who will make fun of every where u go and any where u stay....shame

    Ankush DuttaAnkush Duttaसाल पहले
    • chill its sarcasm. dont take personally.

      The Knowledge ExpressThe Knowledge Express7 महीने पहले
  • Weather Department: Der will be intense rain in Mumbai next 48 hrs.. Sun Next Morning: Jai Hind Dosto.. Aa gaya hu me

    Kamlesh KhopkarKamlesh Khopkarसाल पहले
  • Bloody brilliant! Witty observations.

    paru Nparu Nसाल पहले
  • Paaverty

    Reuben VargheseReuben Vargheseसाल पहले
  • Please come to NorthEast!!! Or say Shillong!!

    Veswudu SwuroVeswudu Swuroसाल पहले
  • *Too good..*

    Prakash GiriPrakash Giriसाल पहले
  • Kunal shit not worthy to be called in your show please .. he is no comedian but a shitty liberal activist who uses this stage of great art.

    Prakash BhPrakash Bhसाल पहले
  • One mic stand was great until you bring shit into this . Mc Kunal shit

    Prakash BhPrakash Bhसाल पहले
  • There is no Infosys in Andheri west 😂😂

    At KtAt Ktसाल पहले
  • Exactly, I have been to Mumbai for three days and it started getting bored from the day 2

    SJ MSJ Mसाल पहले
  • Guys do more sketches in English, you have a good south indian fan base. You know, south indians refuse to learn hindi..

    Akshay JayakumarAkshay Jayakumarसाल पहले
  • Even celebrities houses has become a tourist spot. I have seen people clicking selfies in front of Mannat and galaxy apartments.

    Shivani BhatShivani Bhatसाल पहले
  • Have you heard KALA GHODA festival? fuddu stand up.

    Cartoonist VikrantCartoonist Vikrantसाल पहले
  • Quote told by sapan in sarcasm. Rich want to tour where poor live, poor want to tour where rich live. If we extend it positively if rich want to help poor and poor want to help rich world becomes a better place :).

    Adwik JhaAdwik Jhaसाल पहले
  • no bangalore is best

    Grin MuchGrin Muchसाल पहले
  • Infosys employee in Mumbai???? 😲😲😲😲

    Manish SinghManish Singhसाल पहले
    • It reflects on his audience how stupid they are

      NFah43BkNFah43Bkसाल पहले
  • There's no Infosys office in Mumbai.

    Ishan BhattIshan Bhattसाल पहले

    Furquan HaiderFurquan Haiderसाल पहले
  • Good one yaar!!!

    kirloskar1973kirloskar1973साल पहले
  • 😂🤣

    Ace HardyAce Hardyसाल पहले
  • His trousers match the background so well that it looked like he is floating

    Varsha VermaVarsha Vermaसाल पहले
  • Jokes were not up to the mark no offense though

  • Mediocre people come to see you🤭🤭😂😂😂

    monica sharmamonica sharmaसाल पहले
  • Best one :) 😂

    Abhinav GaurAbhinav Gaurसाल पहले
  • ive watched this video 3 times now its so funny and im not even from mumbai

    apoorvaapoorvaसाल पहले
  • To be fair, Indian monsoon and cyclones are complex and very unpredictable compare to American temperate cyclones.

    Chirag LunagariaChirag Lunagariaसाल पहले
  • Darsheel safari

    Shaista NazirShaista Nazirसाल पहले
  • Your smile is awesome

    MsRahul12345678MsRahul12345678साल पहले
  • The best thing was after he said next morning the audience knew exactly how to react. 🤘🏻

    BenchboostersBenchboostersसाल पहले
  • The thing about tourism is that the reality of a place is quite different from the mythology of it.💕

    Vivek ShahVivek Shahसाल पहले
  • Nice!

    uday musadiyauday musadiyaसाल पहले
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Aaron ThomasAaron Thomasसाल पहले
  • I imagined “Yeh dekhiye gareeb log kya gareebi me reh raha hai oho” in biswa’s voice

    Nirvik PotnisNirvik Potnisसाल पहले
  • The same thing happens with me too. I live in Colaba and sometimes when the relatives come, they're like let's visit the Gateway of India and somehow always have that mandatory pic with The Taj everytime idk why lmao

    Sachin Rana [IITB]Sachin Rana [IITB]साल पहले
  • Angad is way way more fun than you, it's just that he is not from the city, less pretentious, less politically correct, and less connected to the powerful inner circle than you. He is a real star and you are one privileged back door entry who does not deserve shows in USA.

    KrishKrishसाल पहले
  • Less comedy, more "yes it happens to me" minus humor...

    KrishKrishसाल पहले
  • Sorted....an essay on Mumbai for class V student.

    KrishKrishसाल पहले
  • Good to see or rather hear you .....Funny & Classy

    sana mullasana mullaसाल पहले
  • E.I.C is boring!

    Aayush rajAayush rajसाल पहले
  • Are you both planning to come down to Manipal by any chance?

    Aishwarya DhamAishwarya Dhamसाल पहले
  • I found him a bit irritating but he's certainly matured as an artist in past year.

    Jitin JoshiJitin Joshiसाल पहले
  • Amir log garibi dekhne jate he & garib log amiri dekhne jate he😂🤣

    Falguni BhimjiyaniFalguni Bhimjiyaniसाल पहले
  • 1:02 You can hear someone repeat the way he says "PAAVERTY" :P

    Marcel ChaudharyMarcel Chaudharyसाल पहले
  • Amazing.. awesome and soooooo true😂😂👌🏼👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Shruti ChikerurShruti Chikerurसाल पहले
  • ...Smiles like Sorabh Pant

    M GandhiM Gandhiसाल पहले
  • Nice jokes

    Arhum ArArhum Arसाल पहले
  • I'm from Andheri East and was deeply offended by the truth😃

    Leslie SequeiraLeslie Sequeiraसाल पहले
  • 0-20 seconds...... Literally copied from Daniel Fernandez. Don't know if Sapan copied from Daniel or the other way around..... But those jokes are copied

    Pratyush HorePratyush Horeसाल पहले
  • Did you wait for the election to be over in Maharashtra to release this?

    Abhishek JhanwarAbhishek Jhanwarसाल पहले
  • Actually watched this show live...laugh fest start to end!

    Saloni BrittoSaloni Brittoसाल पहले
  • Infosys Mumbai Mai hi hai nai 😂

    shivam mishrashivam mishraसाल पहले
  • Who's here after flood 0.3 in kochi?

    Arathi MenonArathi Menonसाल पहले
  • Hey guys, Do you have plans for doing a show in upstate New York? I am a student at RIT, Rochester, NY. I can help you guys host the show at the university and we have a student community that would love to see you guys live. Please let me know if you are interested. email: Sanchitmonga22@gmail.com. Thanks, Sanchit

    sanchit mongasanchit mongaसाल पहले
  • Infosys employee working in Mumbai?? As an Infoscion and Mumbaikar - we don't have a campus in Mumbai bro.. :-(

    prattychawyprattychawyसाल पहले
  • Shame...people like you bringing disgrace to India.. If there are so many problems in Mumbai than you should not be living here and doing your show.

    sanjay aggarwalsanjay aggarwalसाल पहले
  • Loser, dnt know anything about Mumbai...

    Anky BAnky Bसाल पहले
  • Well he make sense

    Raj GamreRaj Gamreसाल पहले
  • Comedy kr rha hai kya?