EIC: The Offside Buds - Ep 5 - Coming Home or Going Home?

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In this episode of #TheOffsideBuds, world cup superstars are falling like flies, and we're down to an interesting last four. Azeem and Urooj recap the last week and wonder, is it really coming home?
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Video credits:
Directed by Karan Sanghvi
Starring: Azeem Banatwalla and Urooj Ashfaq
Written by: Azeem Banatwalla, Aman J, Dhruv Deshpande and Shashank Baliga
Director of Photography: Vivian Sahi
Editor: Jayant Kaushik
EIC Social media team: Viraj Pradhan, Maaz Siddiqui, Pankti Parekh, Amulya Prabhu
Writing and Production intern: Kenneth Carneiro
Producers: Philip Zuzarte OML
Brands team: Preranaa Khatri, Apurv Verma and Sameer Punjabi Line Producer: Shripad Mudhalwadkar
Production Assistant: Rishi Singh
Camera: Video Plus
Lights: Famos Lights
Gaffer: Nazimulla
Sound Recordist: Stanley Mendonca
Makeup & Hair: Karan's Makeup Academy
Art: Raju Yadav
Team Spot boys: Adil, Akbar

  • France will win 4:2

    nothing dasnothing das2 साल पहले
  • What would you call it if Mbappe and Lukaku played for the same team? M'baku !!! #wakandaforever I will show myself out...

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  • Japan vs Begium??? Sure it was good but the most epic match was between argentina and france! I did side France but hey respect for argentina too for giving us such a good game!

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  • Ha ha a little to fast

    Kishanu TewaryKishanu Tewary2 साल पहले
  • When Urooj is there, every video becomes 10x funnier

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  • Am I only one who thinks Urooj's hands are moving as if she is doing a Rap

    srijeev bhowalsrijeev bhowal2 साल पहले
  • at least come up with original content, all these jokes are copied from troll football pages

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  • football. football's coming home

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  • thanks for bringing Urooj back💕

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  • Belgian vs croatia finals

    Pranay SidhwaPranay Sidhwa2 साल पहले
  • Azeem is always so salty and biased about Messi which is understandable since he's a ManUTD fan

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  • Belgium all the way

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  • belgium vs england......... it isnt coming homes

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  • Final will be between France and Croatia

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  • Why r u telling ppl something they already know

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  • France vs England

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  • It’s coming home! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • i love you Urooj.. seriously i do :)

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  • Final France vs croatia

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  • I rather have Mr. Khatri than this 4/10 unfunny female with the sense of humor of a person running "Sarcasm" page on Facebook.

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  • 2:11😂😂

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  • France and England

  • Finals- England vs France and France will win ... penalties 5-4

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  • IT'S COMING HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • This is so cringey

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  • Comment section full of tharkis! 😂

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  • Meanwhile in Japan "But... But.. I calculated every move. Maybe if i had worked hard and trained hard to capture the soul of cthulu and played with kaegeyama sensei and took training from kamatazhrur senpai and dabbled hard maybe then again I would have won. But i will train hard day and night and get a new senpai" #everyanimeever

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  • I am alive bitch!!!

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  • Couldn't stop staring at urooj. I had to watch the video twice to catch up on what I missed cause of the staring. 😁😘❤️

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  • This lady is so irritating... 😑

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  • It’s coming home

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  • France 3-2 Belgium Croatia 2-1 England

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    Black EyesBlack Eyes2 साल पहले
  • England Vs Belgium in the final

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  • Belgium bhai is bar world cup jitegi

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  • Urooj is cute Ashfaq (af)

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  • Lmaoooo copying jokes from twitter

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  • My prediction for france vs belgium is 1-5

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  • I hate both of them but an ideal final would be France Vs England, an old time rivalry. Personally I like Belgium to win! Oh yes, and of course I love Urooj

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  • England is going to win the world cup this year!

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  • France vs England FRANCE gonna win the cup

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  • Belgium will win bro

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  • France vs Croatia Finals

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  • France vs croatia in the finals and croatia will win it!

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  • Final - Croatia v France

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  • Urooj urooj !!

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  • Bro kitne English novels pade the bachpan mein. Ab to puns ka level bhi mujhse zyada ho gaya.😥

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  • England vs Belgium final It's coming home

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  • Final : France v England And Finally it's coming home...

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    • ummm....ok

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  • Meh.

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  • The girl is too much... She ruins the show when alongside an amazing Azeem... Her way of talking, I just wish Ronaldo or Messi would stand in front of her... That might shut her up... She is irritating... But Azeem, Is great with his pins and was of making the audience involved...

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  • It's coming home..

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  • France vs Crotia and france will win

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  • Start off with jokes stolen from Reddit. Lol, are you guys the new 9gag now?

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  • dude why never target pablo again

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  • Belgium vs crotia

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  • Last week like a George R. R. Martin novel, seriously bro :c

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  • Puns so bad that it's actually funny. NOT.

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  • FOOTBALL'S coming home dumb ass

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  • Belgium vs england in world cup

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  • I enjoyed the video ♥ ♥ awesome work!!

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  • Is urooj part of EIC?

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  • @1.03 it should be Ronaldo fans not Messi...

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  • These two act as if they know more than what offside is!

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  • France will prevail over Belgium.. And England will defeat Croatia

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  • Talks about 12 year olds speak abt football like they know it but the irony is even they doing the same

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  • Hazard and Dr Bruyne showed Neymar and Coutinho how football is played..

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  • BELGIUM v FRANCE - Belgium wins 2-1 CROATIA v ENGLAND - Croatia wins on penalties 5-4 after 1-1 in extra time

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