EIC: I Don't Like Superhero Movies - Stand Up Comedy | Sapan Verma

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In his latest standup comedy video, Sapan Verma has an unpopular opinion about superhero movies and post credit sequences.
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PS: If you're a Marvel/DC fan who is offended by this video, remember that Shaktimaan is the best.
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  • 😂😂😂😂. This was funny af. 😂😂😂

    Riddhi AgrawalRiddhi Agrawalमहीने पहले
  • FANBOYS!!!!🤨

    Ishita DwivediIshita Dwivedi2 महीने पहले
  • seriously?? train is stopped by RSS and love jihaad? how jobless the comedian had to be to come up with such lame jokes and how useless the audience are to laugh at his shit coming out of his mouth

    Haritha BotlaHaritha Botla4 महीने पहले
  • When the aliens attack earth why do superheroes only save NY? Why not DELHI!!

    Urmi SahaUrmi Saha8 महीने पहले
  • You got influenced a lot by Atul Khatri style of delivery.

    Chandresh DixitChandresh Dixit9 महीने पहले
  • Who waited for post credit sequence?

    Sarthak KumarSarthak Kumar9 महीने पहले
  • Me after watching the post credit sequence:chup chutiye 😂

    HarshHarsh11 महीने पहले
  • He got arrested??? thefauxy.com/comedian-caught-releasing-laughing-gas-on-his-show-arrested/

    Prashant MPrashant M11 महीने पहले
  • This one is gem! Expressions - wow 👍

    Bong MouBong Mouसाल पहले
  • hey 2.0 has a post credit scence

  • From 1 to 100, I relate to this on thanos level😂😍😍😘😘

    Sandeep RaghuvanshiSandeep Raghuvanshiसाल पहले
  • am i the only one whos thinking about how fast he changes his hands on mike while explaining?

    Hardik AroraHardik Aroraसाल पहले
  • Sapan Verma you are a Super hero! Shabash!

    Soumil AroraSoumil Aroraसाल पहले
  • Meri dil ki baat

    Ermina ReyazErmina Reyazसाल पहले
  • Man, this video title got me triggered....

    Syed Noore RasulSyed Noore Rasulसाल पहले
  • Yeah dude superheroes movies became more complicated nowadays

    Srivathson SamSrivathson Samसाल पहले
  • Remembering 2100+ prequels is not a big deal for the MCU fans. 😎

    SB OfficialSB Officialसाल पहले
  • The most relatable was " Indian ka name aaya"🤣🤣🤣

    ApoliticalispoliticalApoliticalispoliticalसाल पहले
    • Exactly dude. We become patriotic during the credits😅😅

      202 265- Darshan Paramanand Salian202 265- Darshan Paramanand Salian20 दिन पहले
  • 😂😂

    Aayan SharmaAayan Sharmaसाल पहले
  • 1:25😂😂😂

    Bhaskar YadavBhaskar Yadavसाल पहले
  • As much as I like your comedy, plz don't insult Marvel and DC, that's like insulting almost 75 years of writing, imagination and toiling. *But Prime minister part was funny.

    Tony StarkTony Starkसाल पहले
  • You're the only person who managed to piss me off in the first 10 seconds I saw you.... guess you're good with grumpy old grandpas

    Ram Mohan AdabalaRam Mohan Adabalaसाल पहले
  • FUCK OFF!!.....

    RajRajसाल पहले
  • Is "kachra " any film's name?

    Zay JZay Jसाल पहले
  • Making the post credit scene a t shirt ad is a great idea 😂

    Dhananjay SharmaDhananjay Sharmaसाल पहले

    puneet kulharipuneet kulhariसाल पहले
  • These movies are also very aggressively heterosexual.

    Abirami BaskarAbirami Baskarसाल पहले
    • Chutya spotted

      nishad naiknishad naikसाल पहले
  • He is soooo cute 😍😘

    satya singhsatya singhसाल पहले
  • The Salman Khan joke was epic.....!!!!! Bhai lafda ho gaya hai NGO chalu kar de 😂😂😂😝😝😝

    Kiran ReddyKiran Reddyसाल पहले
  • Mitro aj raat 12 baje ke baad THE END Me-won't sleep the whole night thinking about how many heart attacks he has given and what's next

    Avneet KaurAvneet Kaurसाल पहले
  • This is me. Abey indian ka naam aaya 😆😆😆 i read all the indian name

    Screative 31Screative 31साल पहले
  • Sapan is coming up with some non fictional show along with vishal dadlani shooting was there at bombay aadda today

    Robin JohriRobin Johriसाल पहले
  • That time when Eic was actually funny

    Sanskar AswaniSanskar Aswaniसाल पहले
  • For the first time I'm disappointed by watching THIS post credit sequence

    DJ HarshDJ Harshसाल पहले
  • Kajol is muslim, no love jihad 😅

    manas Gmanas Gसाल पहले
  • I want to watch u live...how could i do that..please tell me....i love your sense of humour...i m ur big fan EIC..😊😊😙

    Rahmat HayatRahmat Hayatसाल पहले
  • 4:05 epic one

    ann annann annसाल पहले
  • Kaun he ye ..😂😂

    Pushkaraj ChaudhariPushkaraj Chaudhariसाल पहले
  • Trust me, I started Marvel from Infinity war...

    Kishan NayakKishan Nayakसाल पहले
  • The one thing nobody can argue about.. The Stan Lee cameos. RIP 😢

    Clara Lavender YoungClara Lavender Youngसाल पहले
  • Hence proved this guy lives a frustrated life Rip

    wahed rejawahed reja2 साल पहले
  • 5 min silence for those who waited for the post credit scene in this video...

    Sahil AgasiSahil Agasi2 साल पहले
  • Justice league is basically the same - there is the rich smart guy. There is the God There is the strong guy. There is the animal guy be it spider or fishes.

    El1ijahEl1ijah2 साल पहले
  • Boring... I didn’t even fart. Lost credit.

    Än:Dy TäcHóÄn:Dy TäcHó2 साल पहले
    • Fart??? He is not selling digestion pills🙄 why do u even want to fart? Kya ho gaya h ajkal logon ko desh me

      vandana mishravandana mishra2 साल पहले
  • Did you just say MCU and DC are the SAME?!?!?!

    Vidushi Khaitan IX CVidushi Khaitan IX C2 साल पहले
  • Haha Indian ka naam aya hai.lol I thought I was the only one who had this thought :D

    Narasimhan IyerNarasimhan Iyer2 साल पहले
  • But DC is more Dark and Badass 🤘

    Indra Kumar ChauhanIndra Kumar Chauhan2 साल पहले
  • He who must not be named 😂😂😂😂😂

    Seeta TalukdarSeeta Talukdar2 साल पहले
  • Jab indian gao ke log ye movies dekhenge to esse ho hoga... Inko to marvel aur mcu ke beech me difference bhi nhi pata hoga...😂😂😂 Justice league and avengers are same...😂😂wtf?? Bdw MCU is way way ahead of DCEU so dont compare that shit to MCU... Their comics are fab though but still i always prefer marvel

    Shweta KumariShweta Kumari2 साल पहले
  • Bad.

    Joe TadlasJoe Tadlas2 साल पहले
  • Salman ki bja Di😂😂

    vipin yadavvipin yadav2 साल पहले
  • Is it seriously1962? .... Bt still I like u

    Muskan SrivastavaMuskan Srivastava2 साल पहले
  • Bhai woh NGO wala Ek no tha 😂😂

    Rajratn GaikwadRajratn Gaikwad2 साल पहले
  • Boooooooorrriingggggggggggggggg

    I'm BatmanI'm Batman2 साल पहले
  • Everything was fine until U said that about RSS -_-

    Sangam KedilayaSangam Kedilaya2 साल पहले
  • dude NOOOO GAL GADOT is wonder woman dont compare her with "POO"

    shishir jainshishir jain2 साल पहले
  • You sound like you are fascinated with your own writing while performing.Slow down.

    Ayush SAyush S2 साल पहले
  • It's not just fanboys even the fangirls are getting pissed

    shikha parasharshikha parashar2 साल पहले
  • I hope you're dust by now

    zippyttrzippyttr2 साल पहले
  • 😘😍 ur cute😋😉❤

    Shag KhanShag Khan2 साल पहले
  • Ur the best❤

    Siddhi KodalSiddhi Kodal2 साल पहले
  • Marvel or DC?

    Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury2 साल पहले
  • 2:38 sure, if you want to be caught in a crush if 250 people rather than get extra content on screen and leave comfortably with 50.

    Kartikay DuttaKartikay Dutta2 साल पहले
  • Isne Avengers infinity war ka 1st day 1st show dekha hoga

    Dr. Heinz DoofenshmirtzDr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz2 साल पहले
  • Ladka thoda meetha laga

    Umar ShaikhUmar Shaikh2 साल पहले
  • yah you think hollywood superhero movies suck why dont u see bollywood superhero movies .

    Ramanathan KumarappanRamanathan Kumarappan2 साल पहले
  • Hamare Jawan Siachen me marr rhe hai aur tum log desh ka mazak uda rhe ho?

    Md. Modassir HassanMd. Modassir Hassan2 साल पहले
  • Simply Brilliant Sense of funny sides of perspectives Awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻

    lalit chorarialalit choraria2 साल पहले
  • 2:01😂😂😂 2:56😂😂😂 so ture

    Rushab RanawatRushab Ranawat2 साल पहले
  • Well, PK had a post credits scene.

    Yash BorseYash Borse2 साल पहले
  • One day, the avengers will end with some words- " in the loving memory of Stan lee." We will never see the great man's appearances ever again in the movies. The cameos will be lost forever.....

    GadgetCutTuberGadgetCutTuber2 साल पहले
  • Lol, I too look out for Indian names

    Sriniketh BSriniketh B2 साल पहले
  • tempering the ball wont help the spinners

    sachi routsachi rout2 साल पहले
  • I was truly doing the Indian name thing with my brother during infinity war

  • Kaun he won jisne mujhe nhi dekha :wonder woman

    BhavnaBhavna2 साल पहले
  • Omg i always do the indian ka naam aya lmaoooo

    Nutella LatteNutella Latte2 साल पहले
  • U r gadha and topamanush

    Pramod dwivediPramod dwivedi2 साल पहले
  • Go fuck yourself

    Gurpreet virdiGurpreet virdi2 साल पहले
  • Yap very true yaar😂😂😂😂

    Varsha ChakrabortyVarsha Chakraborty2 साल पहले
  • But Marvel's is best ..

    Avinash AviAvinash Avi2 साल पहले
  • Sahi h bancho 😂😂👍

    Live Hard or die easyLive Hard or die easy2 साल पहले
  • Bwhahaha!! That movie part stay back is at point man. I laughed hard. Applause. 👌🏻😁✌🏻

    Shabna RavindranShabna Ravindran2 साल पहले
  • Post credit scenes! What the heck i just learnt about it today from your video!!!

    Asif KamalAsif Kamal2 साल पहले
  • Arey woh dekh Indian ka naam.. Arey woh dekh ek aur.. Arey Roto department toh bhara pada hai Indians se.. Wait.. Sab Indian hi hai.. 😍

    Ashfaque HussainAshfaque Hussain2 साल पहले
  • Shaktimaan is best!

    Abhishek KushwahaAbhishek Kushwaha2 साल पहले
  • Not funny

    Adokshaj BhandarkarAdokshaj Bhandarkar2 साल पहले
  • I thought I was the only one looking for Indian names

    Garima AsthaGarima Astha2 साल पहले
  • Lame

    Shom ShahShom Shah2 साल पहले
  • Wow. Not even a single laugh worthy joke.

    SykometrySykometry2 साल पहले
  • hating is the new cool.

    regular Joeregular Joe2 साल पहले
  • 👎

    Andrei SokolovAndrei Sokolov2 साल पहले
  • Kachra taking out sandpaper😂😂

    RameshwarRameshwar2 साल पहले
  • Dune could have been the mother of all movies but sadly hollywood did not let it translate.Marvel and Dc are buisnesses now with only one viewpoint i.e superheroes.feels plaque after some time .The watchmen is the movie that should be made more

    Abhy TriesAbhy Tries2 साल पहले
  • Hilarious!😂

    Aakanksha GehiAakanksha Gehi2 साल पहले
  • Chandi chawk to China Has a kind of post credit scene Akshay Kumar's movie

    Jay JhaveriJay Jhaveri2 साल पहले
  • Sapna Verma mentioned me in his story mentioned my below comments..I am so glad and happy

  • Sorry to say this but quality content from Sapan Verma has deteriorated.

    Harvind BawaHarvind Bawa2 साल पहले
  • Lol i thought i n my bae were d only one identifying Indian name and being proud 😂😂😂

    Joy PoomaniJoy Poomani2 साल पहले
  • hahaha..mast kya khub kahi

    Stand Up Priyesh SinhaStand Up Priyesh Sinha2 साल पहले
  • I also do that 'Indian ka naam aaya ' bit too😂😂😂😂

    Diksha SabharwalDiksha Sabharwal2 साल पहले