EIC Outrage: Uber-Ola vs Auto-Taxi

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Sapan Verma discusses the everlasting conflict between app-based aggregators and conventional public transport. Quite a first world problem to have though!
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  • Ola-hu-uber😂

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  • #thatsright

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  • Jobs , unemployment and all is fine but I have just one question to ask that if the so called people , the taxi and auto unions are not willing to work , and are rejecting people everyday at any given instance of the day, where should the public go? it feels like nothing but just an ego problem. Also one of the biggest reasons for the so-called auto and taxi unions to fail is that they try to act and play a a fox trick by charging double or even triple charge on a single trip so , I have a question to you , reader that why should not the normal middle class people consider the aspect of ola and Uber cabs !!!!!!!!!!!! I have got no sympathy for them. They themselves are the reason for their ill conditions.

  • I got down at bus stop in Pune. The stop was out of the town....and I don't know Marathi so I didn't feel comfortable getting an auto...for an hour and half ride...I booked an Uber...and all the auto guys started fighting him...I was the only woman in that area...it was one of the terrifying event ever....

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  • We Want More Outrage !!!

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  • Anybody from 2019? Justin the outrage videos.?

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  • The fact is no taxi or Auto driver is gonna watch this.. Because if they had the ability to watch this, they wouldn't be driving taxi and Auto today

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  • "Main kahin nahi jayega Ola, Uber ban karo"😂😂.I think thats y Ola and Uber also have autorickshaws now.😂

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  • If Taxi And Auto Wala Agree To Go For Short Ride Ola And Uber Have Never Came To India

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  • Wondering for whom the messages are for? 🤨 If they knew this much English they would have tried for some other job.

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  • And these autos and taxis will charge extra amount from the foreigners.

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  • DO NOT come to Kolkata and hire a normal cab. Mumbaikars/Delhiites know nothing about these bastards.

  • Who remembered that Virat kohli vicks ad during the intro!!!?? 😂 😂 😂

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  • Nice to hear views and opinions from both sides of the story..Every word Sapan said is damn true... Great video, btw

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  • Hindi me video karte Toh autowales v samajhte...

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  • E-business vs Real world........ Better if the people out there working offline do there job devotedly we can consider fighting off our laziness.......😴

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  • #uber

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  • Main Kahi nai jayega lekin ban Karo

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  • that other guy is annoying 😒

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  • I'd love a Firebolt!

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  • Sapan u look like my Uncle (mamoo) (I'm Pakistani) BTW Don't think ur old My Mamoo JUST got his job,he is 24 years old and Im 10 years old Lol 😂

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  • May god torture these unwanted protesters who organize protest against people who do their jobs to serve us

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  • Auto wale haramkhor ho Gye the ..unka attitude Ola Uber ne utar kar jan hit kaam kiya

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  • GTA Karachi Mein Kahi Nhi Jai Ga Pr Careem Uber Ban Kero..

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  • 1'35 right

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  • Even though the auto and taxi unions were striking it was not because they feared competition but it was because the political parties controlling them feared they would lose control because if you see the cabs and Autos riding for ola and uber are the ones who were earlier part of the auto and taxi Union so it is the same auto and taxis that were earlier riding the roads just under a new banner this time.

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  • The #Thatsright guy needs to cut it.

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  • Dude it wud better if in hindi, the auto walas wont get ur point.

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  • *#thatsright*

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  • Fuck auto and taxi union . If these people did there job properly , we wouldn't hate them . They don't act like service provider , they act like service receiver .

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  • What is the rate of taxi and rickshaw drivers understand english video. Even its important for them. It would be better to do in Hindi too. Just a suggestion.

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  • Only 5% Indians have their own cars.... Like really? then they all live in only metro cities....😠

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  • The fed up auto and kaali-peeli walas can become OLA-Uber driver, they get good commission. I mean we as customers aren't going to see their conveniency over ours, right?

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  • makes sense... we need more content from team EIC..kudus

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  • Main kahi nahi jayega par Ola Uber ban Karo...😂😂🤣🤣😂

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  • i wish u guys are politician our country will be developed

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  • Sapan, you are very cute!!

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  • "APP" matlab Aam Party Party😂😂😂

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  • That's right!!!

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  • Goa govt. just introduced a state run taxi app. But still, the day it was launched there was an uproar by the Taxi union. Public transportation in Goa is bad. Buses don't go all the way to where you want to go and the roads are pretty small for a huge bus to travel, thus just increasing the traffic. And hence, taxis become the more natural option for travel for tourists who cannot ride bikes which is another system of travel. Taxis are very expensive. VERY expensive. Autos too charge you anything between 100-150 bucks for a 2-3 kms travel. For the sake of the argument, there are some steps that even the govt is taking, all coz this is affecting the tourism industry. Like, -Shuttle service from the airport to Mapusa for 100 bucks. It covers roughly 40kms. -Hop On - Hop Off buses that are more for the tourists than the locals. -The taxi app (No idea how long it is gonna function with the taxi union agitation) Goa's economy runs on tourism. And you said it right. It's the service and attitude that makes you not travel in such public transport. If you are a student, you won't be let into a local bus if there are seats are available to sit during the peak hours! Why? Coz beta aap half ticket ho. (Speaking from personal experience) It used to be horrible to travel in these buses after coaching classes. And public buses stop functioning after 7:30pm. City to city buses (Shuttle service) lasts till 9:30- 10pm. But the frequency is one in every 20-30 mins after 8pm. Autos aren't present everywhere in the city. You'll find some at the Panjim bus stand and the church square and the usual railway stations and airport.

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  • #thatright hahahhaa

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  • We need to consider why those auto and taxi drivers sometimes refuse to drop you. The reason is, they are employed by someone, and they have a fixed shift. They aren't independent.

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  • actually we need broom sticks for sure!! no gas required, no traffic issues, every household has it!! lol

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  • A Uber driver refuse me to take me. Saying waha ride nahi milti And refuse to cancel ride And I was charged 50 r more for booking a ride and not taking it

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  • thats the biggest plus point.... online cab drivers behave properly with the customers unlike the regular auto and taxi walas who are mostly dadas and goons

  • How can u expect rickshaw drivers to see this.....awesome point but main thing they won’t understand English even if they watch!

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  • Dragons ..lol

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  • Can u make a video on redbus and its review regarding refund . I lost my money

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  • #thatsright

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  • That too in English! It's totally cool Yar! EPIC!

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  • Auto/taxi union are shit you don't provide service and ola/uber are better than you

  • Engineering student's stained bedsheets😂😂😂

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  • Do you think a rikshaw wala knows this good of english If so "Ho gaya bharat kalyan"

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  • Nice vid

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  • No autowalas going to understand this so make this kind of videos in Hindi so when maybe somehow someway they'll watch it they can understand what is happening Appreciate your work thanks

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  • Earlier I wait for your EIC VIDEOS.. now I don't lyk them

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  • Indian government doesn't give a shit about the common man.

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  • Only 5% indians have there own car!!!!!!!

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  • All these rickshawalas in Pune are so rude. First they don't go where you want to go. Secondly they charge almost double the meter charge . Too much attitude

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  • app= aam party paty ....

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  • Well said bro

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  • me-santacruz? rickshaw guy-nahi me-kyu koi bomb hai kya? rick guy-haan bahut traffic hai..agar kuch phata to nikal nahi sakte

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  • Sapan...Dude you're epic!!!

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  • Drivers of uber rejected trip because of religion.. it happen with me twice in hyderabad.. I stopped using it.. even called uber customer care but not much action taken...

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  • I love ola,uber...ignore chindi logs

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  • Please do this vdo in hindi, n post it in whatsapp, n write "agar ye vdo nahi dekhi toh shani aur ganpati hanuman, gussa ho jayenge aur 5 saal tak bura saaya apko pareshaan karega" It works I have tried😂😂😂😆😆

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  • Just a suggestion- subtitle the video in Hindi or make that the medium of communication, the video otherwise defeats its purpose, the target audience for this video should be the local transporters and not people who have the luxury to be the consumer. Otherwise, its an outrage targeted to share that sentiment of frustration, and not as a solution bringing/ awareness creating rant.

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  • App aam party party 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Flying broomsticks 😂😂😂😂

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  • The problem is that, Those auto drivers won't be watching this, and they are the one who needs this explanation. Btw this is so true and relevant. In most Metro cities most people especially girls won't dare to hire a taxi or auto at midnight but instead go for uber or ola. Good work, keep it up 👍

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  • Mai kahi ni jaunga lekin Ola Uber ban karo

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  • Auto walas after watching this video be like " ye kya Angrezi me Mach Mach kar Ra re ye bewda!"

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  • Sahi bc sale yeh taxi wale kabhi nahi mante jane k liye Agar inki khusi ho inko agar satisfaction ho location se to mante hai.... Jab koi taxi k liye wait kar rha ho to wo taxi slow kardeta hai Orr ishare me puchta hai kidar2 agar Kahi 1-2 kilometres hai to rukte he nahi hai agar Lamba ho to lete hai Inke excuses gadi Khali nahi hai, khana khane Jaa rha hu, Mai ishtaraf Jaa rha hu waisa mereko Lamba padega, Acha hua ola Orr ubar ka option hai hamare pass Inka dhanda puri tarah band ho Jana chye dill se chata hu

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  • i prefer ola and uber..

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  • who are you teaching? poor auto drivers do not watch EIC Outrage on INworlds. you guys have great outlook, that India needs but bad execution

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  • East or West....Ola and Uber are the best.

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  • Its very hard to start decently when it comes to Delhi Autos. I live in Delhi, and Autos are just a Mafia. I am god fearing, and want good for all but I swear If it was my way, i will have all delhi autowallas killed at once with no regrets whatsoever. Their attitude can spoil your whole day, they want to charge you 3times more atleast. and throw attitude even after that. arrey humne kaha hai kya kaam kar. zabardasti thodi hai. haramzade sare. dakeit hain madarchod. They are no less than terrorists, trust me. All Delhi people will agree. Surge pricing is nothing infront of “Nahi jana... (starts the auto and moves)” arrey bhenchod kyun nahi jana madarchod. i can pay ola uber 10 times the surge. but inn madarchodon ke nakhre toh nahin dekhne padenge. paise leke bhi nahi jaate delhi ke auto. haraam ke pille. And lastly, you can never flourish in your business if your customer is so unhappy. Life balances out everything eventually. Ola uber had to happen one day. Mafias cannot exist for long.

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  • Good outrage

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  • #thatsright guy is awesome, I can feel lot of people watching this video getting irritated by him. I guess I just feel good when I know a lot of feeling getting agitated for apparently no reason.

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  • Some balanced view

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  • I love you Sapna Verma.. you are the best comedian I have seen on internet

  • #thatsright #thatsIrritating

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  • Play EIC outrage instead of bhojpuri songs 🤣

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  • Sapan..you just nailed it man. Standing ovation..!

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  • Well you ppl did sarcasm on your video within the video.. good concept and pathetic execution.. on the contrary baar baar dekho was not at all boring infact most entertaining movie of 2016 thats like reviewing a movie without even seeing it just like our pathetic reviewers.. keep barking.

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  • Flying broomstick! XD #potterhead

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  • Auto..taxi..no way. 90%of the times, they refuse to go by metre. As someone who looks way different from a south Indian..always have to pay way more than the usual price. For a ride that costs even less than Rs 25, 90%of them always asks 50+, sometimes even 90.

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  • 😂😂😂❤❤❤

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  • Waiting for dragons

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  • 😲😲😲

  • taxi union me jahil log jyada hai

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  • Good man. Each and every word is true.

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  • bhai agar taxi chalane wale ne yeh video dekha bhi toh bohat kam chance hai ki usko English atti hogi. Hindi mein banaya karo aise video's.

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  • Nice video.

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  • un tak to pahuch he nhi rhi information

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