4-4-Two Podcast | Ep 22 | The Liverpool Loss Celebration

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An emergency episode to celebrate Liverpool losing. That is all.
Video + Edit: Vivek Mehta
Sound: Azeem
Spot: The Difference
Venue: That Comedy Club, Bandra
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Neville - craziebawa

  • Please atleast watch matches before doing podcast.

    Sagar PawarSagar Pawarसाल पहले
  • Liverpool loss is all due to the kid of MANCHESTER RESPECT

    Sripad NayakSripad Nayakसाल पहले
  • Dear Neville, Azeem , if possible, please do a videocast of football discussions (about yesteryear players, ManU treble, Benfica curse, Michu, Titus Bramble, Macheda, kuch bhi chalega) . Please, idhar sad rahe hai ham log without football Packaging nahi aaya to bhi chalega. Chartpaper pe likha to bhi chalega.

    Krishan ShettyKrishan Shettyसाल पहले
  • Ok he's saying la Liga is over rated where the difference in top two or three teams is like 5-6 pts whereas in epl the winner in decided after 20-25 games. Also how many times a epl team won champions League in past 10 years compared to Spanish teams. Even a team like Sevilla won Europa 3 times in a row

    kaustubh gangurdekaustubh gangurdeसाल पहले
  • Why don't you have other guests.

    Raghav PariharRaghav Pariharसाल पहले
  • Why no recent news pe charcha???

    vikas yadavvikas yadavसाल पहले
  • Bawa naya kab laayega video ..1 hafta ho gya yaar

    NiviNiviसाल पहले
    • It's been 11 days. I very recently got into this podcast and they are already not uploading. Lagta hai Corona ne inko bhi break pe daal diya xD

      Priyank AsharPriyank Asharसाल पहले
  • Bundesliga is best this year,better than pl and la liga

    Vedant AminVedant Aminसाल पहले
  • Aabhe Cricket podcast shurun karo

    Vaishno DeviVaishno Deviसाल पहले
  • Guess which league's teams beats the fuck out of epl teams all the time

    Mahafuz AlamMahafuz Alamसाल पहले
  • 23:25 Kevin Campbell😂 I like him as an analyst but that was some of the shittiest commentaries I have ever seen. You have to be neutral, he was whining all game whenever Madrid were missing chances.

    Varun KumarVarun Kumarसाल पहले
  • Blatant liverpool hating seems trendy, as your shite clubs can't perform.

    shreyas chorgishreyas chorgiसाल पहले
  • Just listened to your Senti-Mental podcast Ep 1. Now i know how Neville and Azeem gels so well.

    RahimRahimसाल पहले
  • Ye Azeem Kya btata rehta hai...kaha ka manager hai ye. Koi btayega

    TrenchcoatMafiaTrenchcoatMafiaसाल पहले
  • NEville tune 3 mahine pehle predict kiya tha WATFORD harayega LIVERPOOL ko. us hafte toh nahi haraya abhi lekin teri baat sun li unhone

    TINASHTINASHसाल पहले
  • FPL league ka code batao?

    sarfarockersarfarockerसाल पहले
  • Kachra ends at 3:13

    Rutul ParikhRutul Parikhसाल पहले
  • It's like those fake passes when you just let the ball go through your legs. He is in active play because he is letting the ball go! It is offside

    Pravesh ShuklaPravesh Shuklaसाल पहले
  • Galti se bhi kaise Fred aur Phil Jones ko ek statement mai le liye? Fred has been our most consistent player this season along side Wan-Bissaka. -_-

    Nilargha RoyNilargha Royसाल पहले
  • El Classico was one of the best in years. What are these guys talking about?

    Serene BragtaSerene Bragtaसाल पहले
  • El Classico was one of the best in years. What are these talking about?

    Serene BragtaSerene Bragtaसाल पहले
  • Alonso got red instead of Jorginho

    Mayank SinghMayank Singhसाल पहले
  • The GOOD GUY meme is for Bastian Schweinsteiger. He used to hug players after Germany beat them

    Abhiraj TirthAbhiraj Tirthसाल पहले
  • Azeem hates Arsenal.

    Bidyut ChangmaiBidyut Changmaiसाल पहले
  • Red card was alonso

    832 Aaditya Raul Lobo832 Aaditya Raul Loboसाल पहले
  • I think you guys should put up a link for pay for how much you liked. Instead of waiting for a sponsor. Crowdfunding model of some sorts. I like Daniel Fernandes trying it for his specials on youtube, I don't know how successful the model is, something's better than nothing :P

    Anudeep KatikalaAnudeep Katikalaसाल पहले
  • If u want to watch and admire Man Utd and CHELSEA's matches then watch Reliance Next Gen Mumbai Cup. There both these teams are playing far better than their main team😂😂😂

    Rohit SuvarnaRohit Suvarnaसाल पहले
  • Azpi Morata connection and header wide, fucking dead XDDDDD

    Aravind AshokAravind Ashokसाल पहले
  • maine toh vardy ko triple captain kia tha...mera 12 point aaya ;(

    Kushagra Deep MishraKushagra Deep Mishraसाल पहले
  • Never seen Azeem so happy

    Gaurav DuttaGaurav Duttaसाल पहले
  • Lets see it today who wins chelsea or liverpool mai chelsea ko support krrha We support you bawa log aur supporters dhoondhta h abhi idhar.par mai podcast chod ke arsenal ka highlights dekhne jaarha h.

    Just watch itJust watch itसाल पहले
  • Goal got disallowed not because of offside but due obstruction of goalkeeper

    Manasiz PaulManasiz Paulसाल पहले
  • Which app are they talking about.

    Omkar DandawateOmkar Dandawateसाल पहले
  • So many wrong things. For eg Alonso Red Card, not jorginho. I really like Azeems knowledge, Neville should improve. Really.

    Ashutosh PandeyAshutosh Pandeyसाल पहले
    • Improve kya bhai? They're comics talking about football, not actual pundits or journalists. Slip up ho jaata hai, chill kar.

      Jayant BakshiJayant Bakshiसाल पहले
  • Bro city beating Madrid in Madrid ka no coverage??😭 And yes Alonso red card

    golden knightgolden knightसाल पहले
  • Premier league < any other league

    AviralAviralसाल पहले
  • Cup winners cup was basically all the cup winner like fa cup in a competition together

    Ansh AggarwalAnsh Aggarwalसाल पहले
  • You guys did not talk about citys win over madrid.

    Mohammed UmairMohammed Umairसाल पहले
  • Nick Powell used to play in europa and in champions with Wigan. He was on loan from United. He infact scored couple of screamers in Europa. What a wasted talent.

    Fuzail AnjumFuzail Anjumसाल पहले
  • As a Liverpool fan Mai bas comment likunga aur podcast nai sununga

    lucas joselucas joseसाल पहले
  • Azeem: Am I the only person who knows the law or what We: Yes, you are the only person who didn't understand how to apply the law

    Abhinand AAbhinand Aसाल पहले
  • Alonso got a red card not Jorgi, but even jorgi can't play the Next Match!

    Shivam KhungarShivam Khungarसाल पहले
  • I just came here for Liverpool

    pratiyush prakashpratiyush prakashसाल पहले
  • The winning goal in Everton Man UTD was disallowed for obstruction of the keeper's vision and not offside

    akshay purandareakshay purandareसाल पहले
  • Aston wouldn't have qualified because that is for the FA Cup winners

    rohit guptarohit guptaसाल पहले
    • @Harshkumar Singh my bad, they go to UEL group stage...

      Virendra KumarVirendra Kumarसाल पहले
    • @Virendra Kumar No. FA cup winners don't go to UCL.

      Harshkumar SinghHarshkumar Singhसाल पहले
    • FA Cup winner to group stage of UCL. EFL Cup winner to 2nd qualifying round of Europa League.

      Virendra KumarVirendra Kumarसाल पहले
  • MC Skywalker musician he😀😂

    abhilash mohantyabhilash mohantyसाल पहले
  • City beating Real? 😶

    GokulGokulसाल पहले
  • Really original and creative podcast name 🤦 FourFourTwo

    Nishant DehuryNishant Dehuryसाल पहले
  • No fucks given to city vs real 🤨

    Ishaan AgrawalIshaan Agrawalसाल पहले
  • 21 podcasts mein depressing mood, Liverpool ka streak breaks! Poora mood 180 bc!

    aniket raianiket raiसाल पहले
  • Gary Neville ke orgasm ko bottle karke insaan banaya goal kick lete vakt oooooo😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im dying

    Om KhuranaOm Khuranaसाल पहले
  • Lol he wasn't offside. And the goal was disallowed because he was in the line of sight of De Gea, which was wrong too. Come on guys!

    Ankit GuptaAnkit Guptaसाल पहले
  • Imagine saying El Classico was boring and you watch United play week in week out.

    Harshkumar SinghHarshkumar Singhसाल पहले
    • Because it was boring.

      Saurav RaiSaurav Raiसाल पहले
  • Defender getting hit on the leg is not counted in offside calls. You do not know the laws

    Harshkumar SinghHarshkumar Singhसाल पहले
  • I am a Chelsea supporter, stil 50 rupai kaato overacting ke! 😂😂 that hahahaha😂😂

    shabbir khopoliwalashabbir khopoliwalaसाल पहले
  • highest consecutive winning streak was 18, and Liverpool equalled it...

    Gokul AGokul Aसाल पहले
  • Venkatesh Prasad kidhar gya??

    Rushil ShahRushil Shahसाल पहले
  • Maguire didn't play the ball back, it deflected off him In case of a deflection, the flow of play doesn't reset, any player in an offside position still is offside Maybe learn the rules of the game you do a podcast about lads

    Aunali BhujwalaAunali Bhujwalaसाल पहले
  • What is the live podcast name? Where can I see it? And what's the team,player,owener thing??

  • I would get this if we crashed out of the champions league or something.....all the Watford loss has done has delayed the inevitable and that too if city keeps winning.....we will hopefully end up with the most ever points....thus in the drivers seat to be the greatest premier league team ever.....

    Joel VargheseJoel Vargheseसाल पहले
    • @Joel James dude the treble team got 78 points....and conceded 37 goals....purely in the premier league that team is not even top 3.....they did have an outstanding season overall.....liverpool in 1978 and 1984 had similar seasons...in 1984 they did win a treble with a league Cup.....

      Joel VargheseJoel Vargheseसाल पहले
    • www.reddit.com/r/reddevils/comments/fe3wj2/there_will_never_be_anything_like_it_seen_again/?

      Joel JamesJoel Jamesसाल पहले
  • Its really challenging to be an Arsenal fan; I am literally getting stressed. Hence I am on loan to BVB. Peace!

    N MN Mसाल पहले
  • Moment @27:00

    sairith stevenssairith stevensसाल पहले
  • Ron Atkinson was the manager before Alex Ferguson

    Sanyal SinghSanyal Singhसाल पहले
  • Alonso got red to throw a punch not jorgi

    Shubham KadamShubham Kadamसाल पहले
  • What is their fantasy league code ?

    Viraaj ShahViraaj Shahसाल पहले
  • Maybe you both are the new Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs

    29_Parth Kadam29_Parth Kadamसाल पहले
  • This podcast too...Neville your t-shirt wardrobe is amazing 😍😍

    29_Parth Kadam29_Parth Kadamसाल पहले
  • El Clasico was not boring 🤦‍♂️.

    Lokesh SinghLokesh Singhसाल पहले
    • These guys are weird. They watch Man Utd play absolute shit week in week out and call out El Classico boring which probably had one of the best 2nd half game this season.

      Harshkumar SinghHarshkumar Singhसाल पहले
  • The ball off Maguire was a deflection, not a pass, so that doesn't count

    Srijan KhatriSrijan Khatriसाल पहले
  • inworlds.info/plus/ksPXrqZljZ6W18w/v-iy inworlds.info/plus/ksPXrqZljZ6W18w/v-iy

    Mr.San1996Mr.San1996साल पहले
  • 24:53 thank you!!

    Anish KulkarniAnish Kulkarniसाल पहले
  • Bundesliga Bayern vs Hoff . ?

    Manish PatilManish Patilसाल पहले
  • Mujhe 30 min lage, Facebook watch elclassico dhoondne ke liye

    Ritesh BhalaviRitesh Bhalaviसाल पहले
  • It wasn't Jorginho..It was Alonso who was shown red card...Kya yaar..Ye bawa chelsea ke games dekhata bhi hain or he just wings it on podcast?😏😏😏

    Harsh MehtaHarsh Mehtaसाल पहले
  • 18 wins was longest streak and Liverpool equalled that.

    Sid TSid Tसाल पहले
    • No, 19 is the longest streak for Pep with Bayern Even 18th is with Pep with ManCity So, Klopp equalled with Pep.

      Nikunj PanchalNikunj Panchalसाल पहले
  • Only assholes like you would call La Liga boring!!! Dumbfucks who doesn't know anything about football would follow EPL and get orgasm by shitty tactics of English teams.

    Harsh VaghelaHarsh Vaghelaसाल पहले
  • Redcard is Alonso not jorginho. But Liverpool lost so I'm all cool about everything these days.

    Aryan ThamanAryan Thamanसाल पहले
  • Alonso got red carded

    Akash RoyAkash Royसाल पहले
  • This is shit , real podcast comes by 12 pm Tuesday

    RAHUL PadhiRAHUL Padhiसाल पहले
  • Remember when Hindi commentary started in cricket and the commentators only spoke about the Indian team. 442 udhar seh Aya Hein 😂. Amazing podcast though 👌.

    Siddhant SonawaneSiddhant Sonawaneसाल पहले
  • Aise kaise Maguire ka back pass? Offside is considered at the point when the ball leaves your own player's feet..

    Akshay MhaskeAkshay Mhaskeसाल पहले
  • Being an arsenal fan- BWAHHAAHHAHHAHHAHH😂

    JeremyJeremyसाल पहले
  • The goal was chopped off due to obstruction of vision of De Gea not because of offside...

    Soham BanerjeeSoham Banerjeeसाल पहले
  • I am a WIGAN fan! They played Europa and Championship!

    Niken ShahNiken Shahसाल पहले
  • Nevilles Mourinho impression is more like pep 😂

    Krishiv MehraKrishiv Mehraसाल पहले
  • The reason for offside was that the player was in the line of sight for De Gea.

    Dhruv NaikDhruv Naikसाल पहले
  • This podcast is symbolic of Neville ka favourite shabd: SCHADENFREUDE 😂😂😂😂

    Mounil shahMounil shahसाल पहले
  • A manchester united fan saying el clasico is boring!!!! We've come a long way folks!!!

    Aditya SwaroopAditya Swaroopसाल पहले
  • Fun fact - Shami scored more runs in the tests than Kohli 😅

    Ketan LahotiKetan Lahotiसाल पहले
  • aston villa premier league me hai bhai championship se nahi

    Utkarsh GuptaUtkarsh Guptaसाल पहले
    • He meant after getting relegated

      // RStekkerz //// RStekkerz //साल पहले
  • I was shocked to see 4-4-2 video on my feed because I was aware of the fact that Azeem is not in town, but it did put a huge smile on my face. Love the work that you're doing guys🙌

    Jainil BaneJainil Baneसाल पहले

    Arkadip KhanArkadip Khanसाल पहले
  • Talk about dietmar hopp protests in the bundesliga the next podcast pls🙏

    Akash SinghAkash Singhसाल पहले
    • Can you please tell me why they are protesting... couldn't wrap my head around that

      NiviNiviसाल पहले
    • Exactly!

      Malhar BagiMalhar Bagiसाल पहले
  • Finally, merch! Bawa, thoda nahake photo Lena t-shirt ke liye😂

    Karun Arjun PottyKarun Arjun Pottyसाल पहले
  • Highlight of the show (season?) at 27:00

    Sivasankar NairSivasankar Nairसाल पहले
  • I am a Liverpool fan but i loved your Loss Celebration😂😂👍 always waiting for more podcasts😎😎❤️🎯⚽️

    Amey SurveAmey Surveसाल पहले
  • Dude Alonso got that red

    hiranmai basumataryhiranmai basumataryसाल पहले
  • What auction were they talking about in the beginning of the podcast??

    Benji JamesBenji Jamesसाल पहले
    • Roots Premier League, where I manage a team

      Azeem BanatwallaAzeem Banatwallaसाल पहले
    • Local tournament?

      Smit SoniSmit Soniसाल पहले
    • A local tournament. Azeem is a part of it

      AtulyaAtulyaसाल पहले
  • Red card was alonso !!!!

    Yajur SinghYajur Singhसाल पहले
    • Neville farzi

      Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkarसाल पहले
  • How many people watching with adblocker in their browser coz FU

    Mounil shahMounil shahसाल पहले
    • Install INworlds Vanced

      Nilay DidolkarNilay Didolkarसाल पहले
    • There's no ad in the video

      speckled jimspeckled jimसाल पहले