EIC: The Offside Buds - Trailer

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Hello football fans!
If you've got World Cup Fever, we've got a show for you! Azeem, Sapan, Sahil, Kunal, and Urooj will be doing post-match reviews of the biggest games of this World Cup. The Offside Buds, powered by Budweiser, is a show for football geeks, casual viewers and comedy fans alike.
Starts 15th June on the EIC channel. Stay tuned!

  • From where can I get those Budweiser glasses that was shown in your video? Please tell me 🙏🙏🙏

  • Lol ho gya ab?

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  • Where's Epi 1?

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  • They always talk like they know what they are talking about

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  • 1st episode is blocked!

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  • Why did FIFA shut you down?

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  • oops!! got blocked by FIFA?? your life is more miserable than mine

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  • So they blocked it copyright basis

  • Episode 1 got banned by FIFA due to copyrights

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  • where is "THE OFFSIDE BUDS"........???????????

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  • The first episode got blocked on copyright issues before I could watch it ☹️

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    • yeesha kalal nice pfp

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  • Your FIFA video removed? Will you reload it? inworlds.info/plus/q7urkJp5hITFqNA/v-iy

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  • FIFA 🐐

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  • why is the Russia x Saudi blocked?

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  • The first episode is showing blocked as it has FIFA owned content 🙄

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  • Guys, why was the first episode removed.. 😯😯

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  • Wtf did they block the actual video 😭

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    • Ishika Zaii Jaguessar copyright

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  • why the episode 1 is blocked...plz do something man.I'm a big fan of EIC

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  • Aur video ke aate hi laude lag gaye

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  • Your first episode got fucked by FIFA copy right and the last comment before it went off was mine😂😂

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  • why was I not among the first 15000 viewers?

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  • fifa ne block krdiya

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  • first video copyright claim, not fair

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  • bhai original video ban ho gaya kaha dekhe ab

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  • Where is khatri and pant

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  • I guess today is 15th June..... Where is the first episode

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  • When is the video coming

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  • szczesny ka naam itte baar Arsenal & Juventus fans ne bhi nahi liya hoga abhi tak 😀

  • Subtitler gave up..... That cracked me up big time!!!

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  • Is it only me or does Azeem Bannatwala look a little old in this video😂😂😂. Dhandhanadan goal😂😂😂

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  • #subtitlerGaveUp

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  • Will it go up after every match because I don't think many are interested in Russia Vs Saudi Arabia like no one cares About this match, they aren't gonna make it to R of 16

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  • Azeem Sir, you should have asked Jakub blaszczykowski, well that is way better

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  • Did anyone feel azeem looks like sundar pichai in this video?

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  • Excited!!!

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  • Good to see them Not on Amazon prime.

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  • What about Jakub Blazczkowzki? I've probably murdered the spelling but well worth the try

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  • Budweiser??? Tuborg is soooo much better. Well I love you guys and will surely watch.

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  • Pronounce polish names😂😂

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  • Subtitler gave up

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  • Subtitler gave up

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  • Can hardly wait !!!!

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  • Hey this girl is from that female comedy show (dont remember the title), uruj right?

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  • Subtitler gave up🤣🤣🤣

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  • will this be a daily series

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  • Urooj!!! In don't even like football and still id 2atch this

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  • Ahh!! At last something Good after a long time.

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  • Here's a few more : Joachim Low IIkay Gundogan Niklas Sule Kylian Mbappe Nicolas Tagliafico Gianluigi Donnaruma De Sciglio Stefen De Vrij Van Dijk Georginio wijnaldum Michy Batshuayi

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  • Let's see how much can they learn/fuck up in a few days time.

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  • Daru bacho Badme naked girls Fkng gr8

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  • 0:04 ???

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  • Kahani me.. New entry..! Welcome.. New girl..!

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  • Oh you four are jindo.

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  • Argentina this time😂😂

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  • where is outrage?

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  • Another shitty stuff.....

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  • Ye cricket world cup me bhi karna padega...

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  • sundar pichai 😂

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  • *subtitler gave up* 😂😂😂

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  • Your Subtitler gives up so easily.

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  • Griezmann to EIC : take the L.... 😀😀😀

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  • Subtitler gave up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • After so many days!! Yay! Go Eic!!

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  • Killed outrage and bring this tatti simplicity level : eic

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  • 670th like

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  • something else to look forward to on jun 15 :D

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  • As a football & EIC fan both, this was amazing stuff guys. Pure Football from your mouths.. 😂😂 Looks epic Waiting for it

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  • Did bhakts warn you for outrage

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  • Where is outrage man

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  • Guys. You're drowning.

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  • You should start commentating in Poland match day

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  • Azim why r u talking in so deep voice in background? It reminded me of ur outrage video abt beef....Muuaaahhhhhhh!!🤣🤣

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  • The best part was "subtitler gave up" 😂😂

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  • Where is EIC Outrage ????

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  • I am really excited about this! Something to add to the FIFA World Cup hype!

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  • The show where comedians talk about football like they know what they are talking about...😂😂

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  • Who cares about pronunciations.. even the goras fuck up with out Hindi-Urdu-Asian names.. 😅 Well at least football interesting to ho jayega.. 😏

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  • Subtitler gave up😂😂😂

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  • 0:40 You spelled the word on the board and then asked them to spell the word, they responded with the pronunciation of the words. ???

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    • What else do you expect from bandwagon hoppers? Can't get a small script in order..lol!

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  • Subtitles gave up

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  • Waiting tho. 😂Subtitler gave up

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  • M missing outrages !

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  • Eic outrage khatam ? 😒😔😡😡

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  • waiting....

    • VAIBHAV inworlds.info/plus/mLi9vJaRqYW2ra4/v-iy AREA 51 MYSTERY REVEALED!!! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE!!!!

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  • What a coincidence 15 June is my birthday

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  • Hmmm ok

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  • Thank god u guys r back... Now it's gonna be fun 😉luv u guys 😍

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  • Spell 'Urooj' Okay spell her lastname.

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    • Rishabh Jain af

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  • Who is waiting for the offside buds???😮 🙋Me!!!!!🙌 🙆

  • Eic Matlab INworlds na?

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  • Pumped up!🤘

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  • Dhan Dhanadan Goal 😂

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  • Subtitler gave up😂😂😂😂😂

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  • I hope u guys aren't plastics. Make it fun.

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  • "Subtitler gave up" 😂😂😂

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  • Almost first

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  • Waiting for 15th June impatiently ♥️

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  • Great trailer!!

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  • 50th

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