EIC Charcha: Lockdown Edition

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Angad, Azeem, Sapan and Sahil are bored out of their minds in lockdown, so they decided to do the first ever digital EIC Charcha rated as best in the world by WHO, UNESCO, and BMC.
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    • @Arib Hashmi #Justice for takliya

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    • #chorgang

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    • Sorabh pant ko kya bologe,?

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  • This lockdown has been really difficult for so many Indians, and comedy was a way to relieve the pain.

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  • Sapan 🤗😘😍😘

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  • k

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  • i want sahil to react to pani palilo by neeraj madhav

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  • Love this guy . Really good video

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  • I wonder where they found all these unfunny guys and then created a channel. I mean, not even one guy is funny, is it a criteria to be a part of this channel?? Most unfunny guy is the one who always wears that bow tie irrespective of the clothes he is wearing. I guess that gives him a funny look. I don’t know. Just MHO.

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  • Love you guys! I laugh hard everytime I watch your videos. So so so funny :"D 💚

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  • 2:35 -2:40 Shiny Ahuja spotted guys!!🌚🌚

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  • Please shoot more.

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  • Pls do more of these and also bring back eic outrage

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  • Gr8 vid,keep doing this

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  • Talaq echo was awesome 😄

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  • Do another one ! You'all are so much fun to watch . Even the PJs 😂 . Banda kitni series dekhega ismein maza aaya !

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  • Still waiting for 'hand-to-hand' to release

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  • Enjoyed

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  • Looking forward to another parody song from you guys

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  • U guys 👫👬👭 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

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  • Abb bangya naah statue of unity art ke naam pe kitna staue pe paise waste kar rahe hai

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  • Amithab wife is samajwadi party members

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  • Y’all better do this again 😂

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  • can you explain why sorabh left

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  • It was kind of decent...but why wasn't Angad speaking much?? Sahil ur PJs are spot on as always...😀

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  • Sapan just brought back memories of the classic _Petrol khatam hi na hota_ ad

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  • Chole bat-ure 😂 Man i missed eic Why isn't the second one out yet? 😬

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  • Before copied sng big question After copied internet said so #noprogress

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  • This was amazing guyzzzz. Aur Banao Aur Banao

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  • Bloody Frauds #justicefortakleya

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  • Like for that UK joke

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  • I am soo done with video calls that I wont watch this video

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  • Amazing concept.. Waiting for more videos like this..... And sahil amazing lyrics right there...

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  • Great initiative guys. Loved the 'Chhole Bathura ' thing 😂😂

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    Bhavya SrivastavaBhavya Srivastava11 महीने पहले

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  • Pls make more

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  • #justice for takliya

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  • Guys!!! Please have another EIC charcha!

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  • azeem bhai , apka bhi cord walla headphone hai , sahil gujju ameer hai re!

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  • breaking newz: azeem and angaad want to live with sahil . i say how adorable

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  • itne saare ads kyu hai......:/

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  • soooo funnnyyy

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  • More please ! Hilarious!

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  • Its always amazing to watch u guys.. keep posting..waiting for more!!!

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  • Petrol khatam hi ni honda 90 s joke😂

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  • #Justicefortakleya

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  • That Talaaq Echo Joke Had Me in Tears😂

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  • @sourabh pant. ka outrage dekho!

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  • Loved it!!

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  • Whereas Pakistan is sending militants to j and k to spread corona.

  • Kunal kamra ko bhi bulao yar abhi to mamla garam he😜

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  • Angad, Sapan & Sahil are looking for a quick single on every ball, but Azeem comes out from nowhere and hits it out of the stadium for 6 runs! Did I mean intellectual comments?

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  • It was great.. Atleast better than Car Ghuma k battery charging 😂😂😂

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  • Good work. Please shoot more such videos.

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  • Thumbnail of this video: The four wheels on a shopping cart be like.

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  • This was very fun.

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  • Do more of it guys please... You are public figures for us so please giv ur views share some more videos... And include recent shit happening.

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  • Loved it. Go for more.

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  • Managed to suck at a VC as well

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  • #justice_for_takelya

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  • #JusticeforTakliya

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  • #Justicefortakliya :)

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  • Yeh sab jhoot rehne do. #JusticeForTakliya

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    • Bhai 1 baje tu comment kr raha damn! #justicefortakliya

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  • Hey guys, you did great. For a minute I thought I'm actually on a video call with you guys! It was fun! Loved it. 😃😂👍🏻

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  • I'm from Goa The funniest part is most of the Goan are in UK🤣 Can't come back

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  • More charcha videos will be great. UK joke was best👌🏻 thank you

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  • Chole-Batura got me!!!! 😂😂😂😂

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  • #justicefortaklya

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  • guys do a reunion with atul and sourabh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Please do more of this charcha 👍

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  • Keep doing these .... It was about just as fun as the real. Just! 😋😛

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  • Hello Guys..Hand to Hand (Eye to Eye spoof) already done way back in 2013 by my VFX faculties: Here is the LInk: inworlds.info/plus/tbGcu59dfoO52sw/v-iy

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    • here to comment the same thing lol

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  • Ek ne takliya ka laptop kharab Kiya tha...sapan ne employeee ko chaanta maara tha

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  • Kerala

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  • #justicefortakleya

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  • #justicefortaklya

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  • i really enjoyed it. i felt that i was a part of a video chat with you guys. THANKYOU FOR SENDING POSITIVE VIBES!

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  • Echo ho jaega wali line amazing thi Mai rat Mai video dekh ra tha or kafi tez hsa side se papa aagye mujhe dekhne sub thik to hai

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  • Checkout my channel guys. I hope you like the content.

  • Is this sit down comedy lol

  • #justicefortakliya

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  • #Justicefortskleya 😂😂

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  • My current life is pretty much exactly like sahil's 🤣🤣 sweeping, mopping, then wasting the rest of the day...

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  • You guys amazing as always....I love watching EIC. And yes you guys must do it regularly. You guys are really cool....even sahil's PJs are cool 😛. Pls make such videos altleast every week

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  • Justice for takleya

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  • It was very entertaining.. u people should do it more often..

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