EIC Outrage: Student Suicide Capital

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Sapan Verma talks about the toughest phase in every student's life and gets a few comedian friends to talk about it!

  • After 4 years I see this video just a month away from my first jee attempt. Thank u guys for calming me down.

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  • I think one of those who pressurise students are relatives because they are like "beta IIT ya fir medical" like other occupation don't even exist for them in this world

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  • Binge watching this ever since I saw sorabhs election rant. Fantastic!

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  • I remember visiting some relatives in Kota and a student committed sucide the next day of that coaching institute was a day of no studies loud music and partying students to prevent students from further committing suicide, what a classic joke

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  • 2016-2018 reports : 10000 students per annum. Yeah zadaa nahi hai broooo

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  • Watching this in KOTA

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  • my dream is to open a coaching class , just to roll in these idiot parents who pressure their kids to dangerous levels' money.

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  • Still one of thr best video of EIC. It made me cry everytime I watch it all those memories those regret but now I'm in a happy place thank you EIC.

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  • 4 years and still the subject is relevant

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  • bhai tune percentage ki class pakka skip ki h (10000/1300000)*100=~0.7%

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  • going kota next year, lets see is this video still relevant 5 years later

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    • It is

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  • I really want to see the paper where the scored -25.

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  • -Crack it or u will get married ( only for girls) -There is no scope in other career options only neet, jee, upsc r applicable -We have paid so much for ur coaching -If u even think of there options thn u r waste and u can't do anything in life An advice to everyone who r thinking to pursue engineering or medical plz don't go kota without consulting someone who has been there it's too expensive and take ur time and think abt what u want to do.....trust me .....I am suffering

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  • Well ig the situation now has become even worse due to the slump in economy Post Covid along with a touch Of BJP'S vikas ka jumla.

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  • Allen killing institute.

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  • IITs are not great and that's the truth. They are nothing compared to the top universities in the world.

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  • 6:00 well not a good line 😐😑😶

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  • The probability of 10,000 students out of 10,00,000 is 1% not 0.007%,

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  • When there is so much demand for good colleges and less colleges to supply, government should stop funding IITs and facilitate other colleges instead. When many colleges are available, we can write eligibility exams for local colleges and stop this preparation for exams nonsense

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  • *Just hang in there*

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  • It's 2020,I am listening this but the same.

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  • its 2020 and india is still the same

  • depression is a latin word indians wont understand

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  • 6:01 very poor choice of words, lol

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  • Why INworlds recommended me this after NEET and JEE are not postponed😭💔😔

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  • It's 2020 and till now IIT is a huge deal in India. Nowadays parents are putting their kids in coaching from 9th class only (sone even 6th!!..no I'm not exaggerating!)

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  • I used to love biology but after coaching i started to hate it and frequently stressed about it

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  • my parents think that depression is just another reason made by the students to not study according to them their is nothing such thing like depression and anxiety and yes i am dealing with such parents

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  • Kota is nothing compared to Chaitanya and Narayana ! Jokes on you Kota .

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  • Sometimes I do forget how privileged I am cause my parents accepted my dream of becoming an animator But it is sad cause it is a privilege not a right in India

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  • I am a sperm who is about to fuse with a ovum. Am I too late to prepare for SHIIT-JEE

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    • Yes, my dad was born in coaching class. I'm in coaching class.

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  • I blame to the education system. In India education system is the worst. If we compare the education system of our country with European countries our education system is like a garbage type. Indian education system needs full positive change.

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  • My friends parents cried when she scored 88% in 10th boards . . Not in happiness though 😕

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  • No person on Earth has to right to kill themself, because they didn't choose to come to Earth and their death will definitely affect the loved ones

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    • You think people who are depressed enough to die are thinking of this?

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  • I miss this series so much

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  • You made me feel good..

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  • "not that many students have committed suicide " Bitch WTF

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  • Sick the interest out

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  • Thank you so much thank u seriously thank u

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  • Oh iam fee up these things. If s just boring for me now,😢. But did I read east indian company as the channel's name🙄.

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  • What the fuck all the comedians are iit aspirants

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  • Nowadays, Death/Dead + You( U) + Caution = *EdUCation*

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  • I'm a CS student in the US (I'm from the US, not India) and this video is very relevant here as well. My own college has had some high-profile student deaths and suicides in just the past few years, and my friends and I have gotten depressed at times when exams and internship searches haven't gone our way. I manage my stress by DJing on the side now though so I guess it's getting better haha

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  • So all failed IIT students are now comedian's 🤣😤👋

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  • Been having suicidal thoughts because I dont think I could live upto my parents expectations as I hate PCMB. Watching this vid definitely changed something and some of my favourite comedians also went through this makes me feel that I will eventually do well. Thankyou EIC

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  • Eic I request you to make an outrage vedio on being a lover of humanities doesn't make us in any way inferior than the So CALLED ......medical and non medical students.....☹️#SapanVerma

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  • Varun Grover still looks depressed

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  • The cherry on top: "Who is to blame for these suicides and depression?" "It's the kids...they didn't study...they don't have the ability...because they were losers!" "Ok so I am dying and I am to blame for that!!!" Hard reality😞😣

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    • So fucking true😔😭😭

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  • I LOVE this channel ❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😍 thankyou

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  • I dont know if you guys would see this (likely this comment would get lost among thousands of others, but still there's a bigger chance of this getting to you than me getting into an IIT) but thank you for making this video. I can't stop crying. This really gave me hope. My JEE is in 3 days and i was having an anxiety attack, even though I don't wanna be an engineer, at all. Here's a kid thanking you with all my heart and all its chambers. You're doing a wonderful job. Keep at it.

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  • We have supply condoms in kota area. And give hotel rooms for free between 2 AM to 5 AM. Free sex toys. Subsidiary prostitution... We will get 100% succes rate.

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  • dil ki baat bolte ho !

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  • Lol so i know I'm watching this 4 years late. Should've done it while i was at coaching centre. I love all your videos. But what you've done with the comedians all encouraging students and making them understand they're not alone is absolutely great. U guys rock 👏

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  • Something which everyone needs to hear.

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  • **not for poor people**

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  • Le backbenchers

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  • Like for that chetan bhagat stuff

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  • I was like shedding tears and laughing at the same time....0.007% is kinda a depressing no. to hear ..

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  • That awkward moment when you find out there were 3 IIT'ians in this video.😂

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  • Ok, there were 3 IIT'ians in this video telling you that there is life beyond engineering too. What else do you need?

    Shivu GamerShivu Gamerसाल पहले
  • I feel so good after watching this video , I'm in a coaching class that has broken me down into a state of depression and I'm not kidding I've been actually diagnosed parents need to realise that engineering isn't everything .

    Parth BhoyarParth Bhoyarसाल पहले
    • Hi .. just ask them to read articles on the current state of engineering ..I hope they understand

      Nikita MishraNikita Mishra9 महीने पहले
  • I cried at the last part..even though I've got over my suicidal thoughts that just affected me a bit. #cametolaughendedupcrying😅

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  • Chutiya ho tum

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  • I want to become a singer but I'm here studying Singer and Nicolson's Cell membrane model 😑

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  • I have seen it so many times but I still love it. This is needed a lot. Thank you for the effort.

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  • I will kill all their families who disliked this video.. Promise.. The person who is reading this comment if u think I'm bluffing try to fight with me

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  • Yar olympic ke liya coaching chaiye education ki liye nahi

    lord beeruslord beerusसाल पहले
  • Thats not the situation

    Pradyumna SinghPradyumna Singhसाल पहले
  • Less research

    Pradyumna SinghPradyumna Singhसाल पहले
  • it's 2019 and nothing changed

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    • 2020. things kinda changed. worse.

      Dark KnightDark Knight7 महीने पहले
    • Woah

      Arvind KumarArvind Kumar7 महीने पहले
    • damn ..

      Nikita MishraNikita Mishra9 महीने पहले
  • Dude, you need coaching classes to understand that 10000/1300000 is 0.007 and not 0.007%. It's actually 0.7%. P.S - 1:49

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  • Love you eic team

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  • I loved that Dakota Johnson thing lol

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  • Phir bhi literacy rate low he central india ki 😂😂

    Sapna CSapna Cसाल पहले
  • Thank God My parents are not pressurising me to do engineering or medicine bit are supporting me to write clat(law exam)and I am happy that I will be able to do what I want

    Prithvi The Fan of Indian CulturePrithvi The Fan of Indian Cultureसाल पहले
  • useless doctors and eng

    dradil khandradil khanसाल पहले
  • 1:51 it should be 0.7% instead of 0.007%

    Anurag KumarAnurag Kumarसाल पहले
  • When i was in 10th (cbse) i was so scared . I didn't write the exam properly i actually thought i might fail in maths . Hence the first option came to me was to suicide before the result day😂 now it's a joke back then i took it too serious . I ate my shampoo so that i would die by stomach ache 🤣.i was scared coz i imagined my parents reaction to me being failed. My results came i passed . I got 72% yah i know its bad but for me it was gr8. My parents was happy 😅 i thought they would beat me up 😆 And now i am studying in one of the top colleges in kerala for MBA 😅

    SanjaySanjayसाल पहले
    • 😁😁

      Saurabh SinghSaurabh Singhसाल पहले
  • There's dialogue in 3 idiots. They are not suicides but murders!!!

    Geet TGeet Tसाल पहले
  • 10000 out of 13 lakh is 0.7% and not 0.007%

    mohammedaamirbatlamohammedaamirbatlaसाल पहले
  • 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Heramb KarilHeramb Karilसाल पहले
  • This video was made while I was in class 11. I'm watching 2 years later ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Love to everyone in the video.

    Swavna HeisenbergSwavna Heisenbergसाल पहले
  • I'm genuinely into Science .. Sad to see my fellow guys are so badly depressed ...

    anuj- coderanuj- coderसाल पहले
  • Ones the main reason is one the RESERVATIONS😠😠 the students which are able to achive higher marks in jee and other exam dosent get iit colleges but the students which get low get iit After studying in these high payble coaching the real achivers do not make or acheive there dream which BREAK THERE CONFIDENCE

    Preyanshu DhapolaPreyanshu Dhapolaसाल पहले
  • You had me at that The Kota Johnson #pun 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 anyways i loved the outrage. Keep doing this. Big #fan ✋

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  • I am in 11 th opt science

    mars senpaimars senpaiसाल पहले
  • best opinion was given by biswa😂😂

    Atisshreya ChhotarayAtisshreya Chhotarayसाल पहले
  • the last part was the kind of motivation we all students need from our parents............... isn't it ??

  • Thank you very much for raising such important issues

    Prakhar YadavPrakhar Yadavसाल पहले
  • I was somewhat casual till he said some of their ages were 14 the moment he said that i had a weird pain near the heart trust me i had that pain and i am also 14

    wholesome hoor pariwholesome hoor pariसाल पहले
  • It is 0.007×100=0.7%

    Devansh ChandakDevansh Chandakसाल पहले
  • Mene kota me raat raat bhar jake study ki 2014 me mera neet me selection hua but me insomniac ho gaya .... Insomnia leads to mental problem like anxiety, depression, hallucination . Nobody understands mental problem in india. I was suicidal for 4 years, I am still struggling with depression and anxiety.

    Ashish DohareAshish Dohareसाल पहले
  • Yaar wo sb to thik hai..pr wo log kha hai jo in coaching classes mai top krte the.. ?? Wo log dikhayi nhi dete kahi.. they are still studying or something??

    Niess CrocsNiess Crocsसाल पहले
  • I'm in kota, feel the pain, well you're soooo cute 😍😘

    satya singhsatya singhसाल पहले
  • it made me cry.....

    B MeB Meसाल पहले
  • oh man..........so so so true.....

    59. T S Sudheendra Babu59. T S Sudheendra Babuसाल पहले
  • Thank you. Its 4am in the morning and im crying tears of joy. Thsnk you for telling me I dont have to sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day and have a numb ass

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  • I have my ICSE X Boards starting from 8 days from today. And I am studying for 9 hour's a day, but still my parents are still saying "padha kar aur timepass mat kar". I and some of my friends really thought of doing Suicide many times and also know many ways without painful death. But still are living just to explore this world and still do something about us. And if I ever become a parent, I will definitely never force my children to study like if you don't do well in Exam, then you will be as good as dead. My parents and my big brother sometimes annoy so much, that I have for the most part decided to leave them in the future or keep the least contact from them, as they didn't ever understand me.

    Shreyas SonavaneShreyas Sonavaneसाल पहले