EIC Outrage: India vs Alcohol

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In the aftermath of the alcohol ban announced in Bihar, Azeem Banatwalla tells you why prohibition can never work in India.
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  • Proud to be a keralaite guy

  • The real solution to alcoholism is not banning it from the people it is just going to you know add on the problems but rather making people aware of its ill effects as well as teaching them to leave it on their own and If not possible then teaching them of consuming alcohol in a amount that makes sense. ....... another step to control this problem is increasing the tax charged on alcohol. .... and also making it tough to reach brewery and alcohal shops.....

  • Gujarat and Rajasthan two neighbouring states, tourism prosper in one and it's Pathetic in other , .. now that's the place alcohol has in our economy

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  • Crushing on you right now

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  • God wtf why can't I find a guy like him in my life.

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  • aji ghanta ban hua hai mere city me pura chalta hai sharab bihar me or ban se sharab ka price double ho gya

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  • You are wrong in some cases, 500 bucks in 1976 Actually meant a lot of amount, but since the law wasn't amended, that remained the same

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  • The video is great but alcohol is used as a base in most of the painkillers we consume and also in hand sanitizers

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  • miss eic

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  • When u have the highest literacy rate and highest alcohol consumption level😂😂

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    • 🤣

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  • During Gandhi's time, medicine was not good, and it was generally believed that alcohol was something that helped (which we now know to be, thankfully, VERY false).

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  • No man you are wrong I live in Bihar and I have seen people afraid of police and going to rehab center the lower class people(poor. People) live had changed .but still at some places you do get alcohol but it helped 😇 believe me

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  • Alcohol is medically used for treating wounds

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  • Now that's what some people call gyaan chodna in a sophisticated/civil way!! But honestly...Way to go Azeem bhai, you're my favourite Stand-up Comedian for this very reason, your choice of words is soo damn accurate/precise everytime!🔥💥⚡💖

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  • Get some education man... Alcohol is used make multiple of medicine like cough syrup .. it is an excellent medium for mixing liquids..also it is one the most important industrial material it is used for making paints , dyes and is called denatured alcohol etc ..it is used for sterilization of syringes....

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  • I really am ur biggest fan....😀

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  • We are living in a country where banning alcohol is required for the safety of women...

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  • Swedish house mafia JAI 😂😂

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  • U can sterilise blades and perform surgical procedures in an emergency

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  • I'm from himachal. And alcohol is legal in himachal.

  • Yo! Cows!

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  • Now we will have Bihari Raees. "Hum aarahe hai", Ammi Jaan kaibe karti thi😂😂...just imagining.

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  • Banning beef is not legally enforcable as it is part of the directive principal you said that in one of your videos now modi ji had nothing with banning alcohol as it was part of directive principal .When you do social commentry even in comedy please stick to one ideology will make you more reliable

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  • Great message with wit, but even greater editing skills! Love the way the video was thoughtfully made with regard to the cuts and bits. Azeem is spectacular as usual!

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  • Play snake nd ladders,we will not be addicted to our mobiles...lol

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  • Banning alcohol won't help. Imagine the rise in sale of cough syrups ;-) Anyways, mate who can't hold is liquor is a douchebag. Like the govt has to interfere because of you. Lol.

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  • Mithila dq and the guy 😍😍😍😘😘😘

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  • My childhood got extremely ruined because my father used to drink and creates nuisance! I don't want to see others losing their childhood fun. Ban alcohol!!!!!!!! Alcohol makes a person turn into an evil!

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    • Read creates as create 😅

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  • Bhaisabh kripya APNI cough syrup ko Ulta karke ingredients padho 2 percent ethanol

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  • Alcohol may or may not have anymedicinal effect but it is being used in a lot of ways in medical field. Iike it can be applied on injuries to clean it or some emegency surgeries to lessen the pain

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    • That doesn't mean you have to consume it, thats bad for health

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  • Sir, plz will you plz make an outrage video for caste discrimination and supporting intercaste marraiges in India. As it is still an issue even in 2018

  • Naiive Azeem showing a 500 rupee note in the video.. not realising that it'll be banned soon.. this poor Cutie.. poor us😂😂

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  • Actually 70% or lower concentration of ethanol is used as spirit to clean up fresh wounds and kill possible bacteria or other germs... And in the beginning people working in hospitals used to siphon off this alcohol. That’s when they started adding a little methanol to it which is harmful if humans drink it...

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  • RUM - Regular Use Medicine. It was initially introduced as a medicine to be consumed at the rate of 30ml per 30 days. So RUM has a medicinal use. I like the outrage but get the fact right.

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  • I just love how people here think that crime is committed by uneducated people only.alchohol is consumed by uneducated people only🤣.Stop blaming shit on people I see many educated people here but u r still dumb as fuck.

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  • Full form of Rum: Regularly Used Medicine... It does have medical use but that's not an excuse not to ban booze...

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  • Doctor Brandy is used for fever and other conditions .

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  • Methnol posioning is treated with alcohol

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  • So Gandhi was fine with strippers but not alcohol.🤔👏👏👏

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  • I will we happy if i have to see adds on this channel

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  • Government should make alcohol much cheaper as it will leave more money to the payer's family 😂😂. I was being sarcastic. But technically that's right as if you have something in plenty you stop caring for it.

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  • Rehabilitation center?? No need play chess

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  • u guys r really doing very hardwork for just to make india clear vision to see things arround us nowdays and to move forword india as once amir khan said direction is more important than speed. well, guys u r awsome😉 thnx keep it up we with u

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  • Nostalgic old 500 note 😂

  • Do a video on beef ban

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  • Yaow! alcohols don't only include ethanol (drinking alcohol) But also other alcohols too... Btw luv this especially for 377

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  • RUM is regularly used medicine lol

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  • I live in Gujarat and I can roam out at 2 o clock in night safely. Why? Because it has banned alcohol so girls are super safe. If you don't believe me, come here esp during Navratri. You can find girls roaming around everywhere even at late nights

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  • Good to see someone recognize Boardwalk Empire in a country wherein teens watch nothing but re-runs of that pile of bollocks named 'FRIENDS'

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  • Alcohol is added to some medicines. And it has medical benefits when added in very less amounts.

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  • (1:25 - 1:35) Azeem alcohol is used for surgical purposes.

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  • Alcohol is widely used in medical field. Do some research.

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  • I support alcohol ban..as a girl it is even very difficult to pass by a road having an alcohol shop.

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  • Alcohol had large implications in medical you dumbo.

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  • "What are the medicinal uses of alcohol? " Idk maybe *every* antiseptic has alcohol BT that isn't a big use is it

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  • Dude alcohol is connected to medicine industry

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  • did he just say print('hello world')

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  • How Can you justify the economy lost by the state of bihar , in case of beef ban you were shouting that it is not good economically now where does the economy go in your ass , i am a bihari and i know people are still drinking alcohol and spending tons of their hard earned cash in getting the things illegally , what is suffering is the economy of the state , sooo in you guys have a biased opnion about the things , which you don't know .Actually you guys know nothing just an outrage lol , And research properly about medicinal usage of alochol then you will get an idea

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  • I can't understand why they use a cup with Arnab Goswami s photo in most of the video....

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  • karnataka?

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  • Ethanol is used medically to treat methanol poisoning. There you go; thats the medical use of alcohol.

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  • but medical usage is for making medicines because 80% of clinical medicines are insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol

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    • I think alcohol should be limited to medicine use,we could always use some other drink which doesn't lead to addiction, loss of cognitive ability and self control...

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  • the 500 he was showing is no more........😢😢😢

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  • I'm from bihar .....daaru band hone k baad aur mara mari h log daaru se cough syrup pe utar aae hai.... maximum log taari peete the (jispe ban ni lagaya gaya hai)

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  • if you don't drink you're not allowed to drive, classic

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  • modern society don't have any solution for this kind of problem no matter how educated you are weather you bring America or Russia once man freak out men ready to fuck the world don't talk about medicine and and all medicine it's just chemical combination it will effect you this way or another way human body no need any from other substance ancient time people know the idea this time found by some ass-hole healing is perfect method to cure any disease no matter how big or small all you need to know about 7 chakra in the human body if you want google it do some research you will get the answer

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  • 2:03 story of my life.

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  • Alcohol is used for sterlization before giving injection, its used in homoeopathy, its used as a medicine for heart patients. Alcohol has many medical uses

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  • Banning alcohal , porn (tried) , what's next women's to wear suit or something . What they want India to be Saudi Arabia

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  • prohibition is working in Saudi Arabia... Largely ....What do you say

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  • hello genius what do you think is used as an antiseptic in hospitals before taking a injection

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  • alcohol as liquor should be banned especially in backward states like Bihar Do u even know what damages it does? Poor get addicted and spend money on alcohol rather on useful things.

    Ayush BhAyush Bh3 साल पहले
  • Dude concentrated alcohol is used to cure methanol poisoning...ofc in a state that banned alcohol people will find loopholes like commercial grade ethanol that contains methanol in trace amounts... so probably it's gonna need alcohol for medicinal purposes :p

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  • why prohibition stop production

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  • 2:39 Prohibition can work right, if you use the right strategy and right person. Just because that particular chess move didn't work does not mean a modification of it would not.

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  • I guess Gandhi meant Ethanol, primary component of our alcohol. Technically, anything with an alcohol group attached to one of the Hs is an alcohol. Now that I think about it, Gandhi was a chem PhD too.

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  • 3;14 wala Clip nikalana padega😂😂

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  • Old ₹500 note 😂😂😂

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  • Cant understand whether u r against prohibition or with prohibition of alcohol why the hell are u changing your words

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  • Nice! Though there are medical uses of alcohol : antiseptic, treatment methanol poisoning, astringent etc

    GayatriGayatri4 साल पहले
  • Dude alcohol ka medicinal props zara dekh le phir bol. Before you do something do a basic research.

    Sarvesh VSarvesh V4 साल पहले
  • That 'alcohol has no medicinal use' line is wrong. People have already given examples in the comments. But if by chance the script writers were not aware of it, the Excise LAW also has different classifications of alcohol : for human consumption and for medicinal and other production purposes. If a law states something like this, you have to be aware of it. Ignorance is not right

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  • Alcohol is used to sanitize wounds you dumbass

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  • Is that Arnab Goswami on the coffee Mug??

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  • ok...i have a sers crush on this guy..Azeem Banatwala...

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  • BTW alcohol is the treatment of choice for treating methanol poisoning....methanol is generally found in industrial spirits which is added to avoid its misuse...just saying...

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  • Your picking of topics of National Importance is really good. I am really looking forward for some more videos like this.

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  • Sir medicinal usage refers to homoeopathic treatment atleast. As FYI homoeopathic medicines are prepared mostly with 90% ENA

    Aarooshi KalraAarooshi Kalra4 साल पहले
  • love d way azeem says hello world

    Swagata PaulSwagata Paul4 साल पहले
  • well alcohol is used in medicinal syrups .

    Ahmed AbidAhmed Abid4 साल पहले
  • Cough syrup contains alcohol.

    Samyak SahuSamyak Sahu4 साल पहले
  • by medicinal purposes they mean cough syrups, or other medications that have a permitted amount of alcohol in it.

    Dr. RadhikaDr. Radhika4 साल पहले
  • FYI , ethyl alcohol which is in the beverages can be used as a part of the treatment for methyl alcohol poisoning. ..

    jj90jj904 साल पहले
  • alcohol is also a drug...

  • man in nepal alcohol is the best dirnk even colg school students drink alcohol

    Ankit shahAnkit shah4 साल पहले
  • Alchol is used in medicine ethanol is a universal solvent

    udit sharmaudit sharma4 साल पहले
  • I think rum in Winter is useful 😐

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